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Course participant reviews for Business Analyst Boot Camp

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L. Lopez
I am not a Business Analyst, I am a QA Tester. I have never worked in a role as a Business Analyst. I am however experienced working with Business Analysts. This course has given me a better understanding of the process and how to I can decompose requirements in order to find gaps in the process early on and make my test cases more complete. I e...
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D. Schaefer
Rob was an awesome trainer and having only 4 in the class allowed us to be able to work through the exercises and to ask questions when needed. Love the handouts and the sticky note ppt chunkify technique.
R. Juteau
I really enjoyed our instructor, Mary. She ha a great balance between using the ASPE manual and relating to real life. We had good discussions and Mary allowed the group to talk through things, rather than lecture us. It was a lot of information in four days, but Mary stayed on point and provided us with ongoing resources for when we are actuall...
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M. Olsen
I felt like I could easily follow along and while I may not have taken this particular course before, there was some overlap of other training courses I have attended or tasks that I do in my current position. It was interesting despite some of the topics! It was a small class so the few of us from the same company were able to ask specific ques...
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J. Martin
Great content. Mary was a wonderful experienced instructor. Dhe made the course fun and interesting, as well as educational.
Evelyn S.
Course was well designed. I would have to say Terrell did a great job of facilitating this class. I was a little nervous about sitting in a four day class. Sometimes multi-day classes can be extremely arduous but this class was the perfect pace and was really engaging. I feel I am able to take back a bunch of the information received at this cla...
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Brad M.
Great class. Very good and useful tools that I will be able to use right away.
Calvin C.
The course was exactly what I was hoping for. There was some of it that may not apply to my specific job/role, but I could see how it would to others. Kelley was an excellent instructor. She presented the material in an organized fashion and keep the class engaged.
Terry M.
The course content appeared to be very on point and Cheryl stayed on target with the chapters in the book. Cheryl was an excellent instructor. She was very personable, open and had a wealth of experience and knowledge of what is involved from the project initiation phase to the completion of the project. I appreciated the opportunities she provi...
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Roberto R.
Ms Cheryl was a pleasure to work with. She was able to read the audience well and created a comfortable and pleasant environment to learn.
Dave M.
Loved the course and Cheryl is an excellent instructor. I like how she pulled in her experience to bolster training content.
Cameron H.
Great instructor, very knowledgeable and kept class entertaining as well as kept class going at a steady pace. Thank you for your time!
August K.
Cheryl did an amazing job. She is very knowledgeable and used great examples when questions were asked.
Lyle B.
Cheryl, our instructor was very friendly and knowledgeable. I enjoyed our small class setting as we were all at the same level of experience as a BA. The course book and Cheryl's examples helped me see the bigger picture to what my role is at work.
M. Nolop
Content was a very good overview on the BA role. Nothing too deep, but a enough of the core concepts to get a very good idea of the role and bring valuable skills back to the organization. Terrell was a great instructor with a deep background of knowledge to share with us. He made it fun and the entire class engaged during the training. I wish I...
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J. Jenkins
What a great instructor, he has a lot of life experiences which helped us understand more. Great personality with lots of wisdom!
C. Kraus
Good class. Would recommend. Cheryl was a pleasure!
M. Lockhart
There was so much packed into this course and the instructor was incredibly knowledgeable. I was able to immediately implement course concepts into my daily work activities and see an immediate benefit. Mary was incredible. I could relate to her stories, examples, and style of instruction. She was patient and engaging. Real-world examples were a...
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G. Toften
Mary who was my Instructor had a great ability of delivering subject material where I could understand and relate it to the BA role. I found Mary very charismatic and fun with a professional and effective teaching style that I really kept my attention. I really enjoyed the class and learned extensive knowledge of the BA role. I believe her past ...
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J. Iskandar
Very satisfied with this training and quality of the instructor. Terrell is very knowledgeable in this area and very patience to his students. This class was helping not only BA but also other roles that involve in a project. Would definitely recommend this class to my colleagues who don't get a chance to participate at this time.
D. Hughes
The combination of Waterfall practices and Agile in the current market was appreciated. Terrell was informative, engaging and used various real life business examples in the training class.
R. Wright
Course content was spot on, and the schedule and flow of the course was good. Really appreciated the instructors help as he demonstrated how the concepts were applied in real project situations. Very useful to help build on the concepts
M. Rodriguez
Terrell was key to the success of this class / course. Working in groups was fantastic for leveraging learning speed and methods. All the participants of this particular class became very united and will continue to support one another moving forward. Cannot say enough positive things about Terrell and this course. We were all left wanting more ...
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P. Thompson-Cook
I thought the class material was comprehensive and great for people who never had formal training or need refresher material / concepts. Mary Zarba was a fantastic instructor! Her knowledge about all course content presented showed that she has extensive experience in all things business analysis; She made sure each student had a good understand...
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V. Elder
Mary brings a wealth of front line knowledge and personality to the class. Her ability to listen to challenges and workflows, within very different industries, and then demonstrate how the techniques support each industry's issues/needs equally, was very reassuring and impressive. She is a true professional.
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