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More About Oregon 

No matter how you look at it, Oregon is a diverse state. Geographically, politically and economically the state of Oregon has a little bit of everything. Many people choose to settle in Oregon due to the beautiful scenery, endless outdoor activities and professional opportunities. Due to the number of universities, liberal culture and lack of sales tax, there is a large number of young professionals that reside in various cities around the state.

Whether you're searching for a job or are a developed professional, consider complimenting your current skills with additional training in Oregon. Search for training or professional development opportunities and consider taking a course in Portland, Eugene, Bend or Corvallis.

Oregon's Economy 

Oregon's economy is at a high point with its unemployment rate currently at its lowest ever due to the accelerated job growth in recent years. The labor force in Oregon is currently at two million and is continuing to grow. The economy is mostly dependent on marketing, mixed manufacturing, transportation, trade and technology. Many individuals work in these sectors but can also find job opportunities in health services, education, government positions and more.

With the amount of jobs continuing to rise, Oregon is a great place to start advancing professionally. There are a variety of providers who operate out of Oregon that offer training in all types of industries. Consider training in Oregon and prepare to land your dream job in one of the many booming industries in the state.

Find the Best Training in Oregon

While by no means one of the more populated states in the US, Oregon has a number of mid-sized cities, the largest of which being the Portland metro area, Eugene, and Bend. No matter where you live in Oregon, professional development courses are not far away. Learn marketing from some of the most inventive minds in the country, or find inventive learning solutions for leaders and management. Whatever your aspirations are, you can find some of the best training in Oregon. 

Many providers offer classroom courses based in a number of different locations across the state. Learn skills from accredited instructors and gain extra qualifications for the field or position of your choice with classroom based training in Oregon. For companies in Oregon that want to train multiple employees, consider investing in an in-house course. In-house providers will come directly to you location and will deliver custom training to all of your employees. 

IT Training in Oregon

Oregon has had a strong presence in the technology industry since the 1970s. The Portland metro alone has over 12,000 technology based companies. Temperate climate combined with cheap, accessible energy have drawn several major web-based companies to Oregon in order to host their massive data centers here. Search for top IT training in Oregon for professionals in networking/servers, databases, or web development and learn the latest skills and technologies to work as part of Oregon’s technology industry.