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With the recent rise of generative AI, effectively using this technology is key workplace competency (or will be soon) for many of us.

This has, of course, led to the development of a wealth of new AI courses to help you adapt and make use of this technology regardless of your role or industry. Here are some examples of AI courses you'll find here:

A basic introduction to AI

An introductory AI course is for anyone who is curious about this technology. Most of these courses give you a brief overview of the technology as well as some ethical concerns. Then they introduce you to common AI tools like ChatGPT, showing you ways that AI can help you become more efficient and how to prompt AIs so that you get the results you want quickly.

Industry or role-specific AI courses

Want a deeper dive into AI? Many training providers have now developed AI courses specific to job roles and industries. Are you a project manager who wants to make better use of AI on the job? There's a course for that!

Some industries may have specific benefits or risks from implementing AI. An industry-specific AI course can help you better understand AI and your industry so that you are aware of potential risks and ready to take full advantage of the (many) benefits.

AI courses for business leaders

Keen to ensure that your business is ready to implement AI technologies in line with ethics and regulations? In an AI course focused towards business leaders, you'll learn more about the technologies available, get some great examples of how other companies are taking advantage, and ensure that you understand the ethical concerns present with AI technology.

Scroll through the AI course above to find the right one for you or for your team. AI courses are available in-person and online for groups and individual learners.