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Data Analysis

Last updated: 5/20/2022

Executive Education: 10 Popular Topics for Senior Leaders to Consider Right Now

Are you a senior leader looking to project your professionalism and career ambitions? The business world is in constant change. As an executive, you’re expected to keep up to guide your organization forward. Executive education is the best way to help you stay current, achieve career growth, and polish your personal brand. Here's our list of popular topics within executive education right now.

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Last updated: 7/5/2019

Data Analyst Job Description

Salary $81,390 (May 2017) Education Bachelor’s degree (comp. science, math or related)  Experience 1-3 years Upward Mobility Average to above average Certification Big Data Certification (not required) Job Outlook 27% growth between 2016-2026 (super fast!) A data analyst is someone who gathers and analyzes data for a client, business or organization.
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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion courses

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