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More About Houston

Houston, Texas is the most populous city in Texas while delivering top quality education, health care and recreation opportunities. The thriving economy provides a host of job prospects and the top industries create a talented and established workforce in the city. The city is well-known for its success in the railway and oil industries, and this success led to the city’s vast population. The city claims many aliases, including “Oil Capital of the World” and “Energy Capital of the World” due to its vast oil and energy industry presence, and “Space City” due to its home of the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center of NASA. All of these reasons make Houston a great place to live and grow professionally. Consider professional training in Houston advance your career in ‘The City of No Limits’.   

Space City

The city of Houston became forever embedded in popular culture after the phrase “Houston, We Have a Problem” was used to report a problem while on board the Apollo 13, and later dramatized in the film Apollo 13. NASA’s Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center, previously known as the Manned Spacecraft Center, is headquartered in Houston, Texas. In fact, all astronaut training by NASA is performed at the Johnson Space Center, which consists of over 100 buildings in its Houston complex. The Houston NASA complex also serves as one of the city’s main tourist attractions. Visitors to the city of Houston often find delight in Johnson Space Center’s many interactive exhibits, including a simulator of a space shuttle and a display of moon rocks. A large amount of research is also performed at the Johnson Space Center, and some of the brightest scientific minds reside in the city of Houston.Whether you want to work in this industry or a similar field, browse through training in Houston and find a course that suits your needs. 

Healthcare in Houston, TX

The Texas Medical Center, containing the largest concentration of research and healthcare institutions in the world, is based in Houston, Texas. The Texas Medical Center is vast, boasting an incredible 54 medical institutions, 21 hospitals, eight academic and research institutions, eight specialty institutions, six nursing schools, three medical schools, and several medical schools specializing in dentistry, pharmacy, and public health. This titanic medical center sees over 3,000 patients per day, on average, and over 7 million patients annually. The Texas Medical Center takes up over one thousand acres and employees over 100,000 people and the healthcare industry in Houston provides a local economic boost of $10 million USD annually. If you are interested in joining the healthcare industry or are already in a healthcare career, browse the training in Houston, TX to gain new skills or enhance your existing skills.

Business in Houston, TX

Houston is one of the foremost business cities across the United States and the world. Houston currently ranks second, only to New York City, in Fortune 500 headquarters. The city’s success in the major industries of oil and natural gas, aeronautics, and biomedical research has helped Houston reach this coveted business status, and continuously boosts its economy. Houston has been consecutively ranked by respected publications as one of the top cities to do business in and to have a career in.

With Houston’s diverse and constantly growing local economy, staying current with business management training courses is more important than ever before. The most important aspect of any successful business is the talent and development of its people. Business management training in Houston is extremely varied, tailored to specific management needs, and designed around industry requirements and expectations. If you would like to start your career or seek to develop your professional skills, search for training in Houston.

Frequently asked questions

  • Some common types of training n Houston include:

    1. Oil and gas industry training
    2. Healthcare and medical training
    3. Business management and leadership courses
    4. Information technology and computer skills courses
    5. Project management certification programs
    6. Finance, accounting, and tax courses
    7. Engineering and construction training
    8. Sales and marketing courses
    9. Human resources and compliance training
  • Some in-demand fields currently include data analytics, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, renewable energy, and healthcare. You can also focus on developing soft skills, such as problem-solving, critical thinking, communication, and adaptability, that are be valuable across industries and roles.

  • Given Houston's business landscape, potentially beneficial courses include:

    1. Oil and gas industry-specific training
    2. Nursing or medical coding courses
    3. Project management certifications, like PMP or CAPM
    4. IT certifications, such as CompTIA, CCNA, or cybersecurity certifications
    5. Engineering courses related to the energy sector or construction
    6. Business management and leadership development programs

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