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Making the Transition from Staff Member to Supervisor

AMA - American Management Association
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2 days
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2,195 USD

2,195 USD

New York City
2,195 USD

2,195 USD
AMA - American Management Association

Course description

Making the Transition from Staff Member to Supervisor

Feel empowered to hit the ground running with the skills learned in this course. Be ready to take on any task and bring your best self to the job, while adopting new habits that will quickly get you on the path to greater success.

In this high-impact, 2-day seminar, our faculty will help new supervisors like you avoid common pitfalls. Get the secrets and essential skills of managing people, from delivering corrective feedback and coaching to conflict resolution and delegation. With expertly guided hands-on practice, you’ll gain confidence and know-how you can use right away. You’ll also develop a personalized game plan mapping the steps to help you reap the rewards of being a new supervisor.

Who should attend?

Newly promoted supervisors with less than one year of experience in this position; process and production supervisors who want to enhance their effectiveness through supervisor training.

Training content

Lesson One (The Foundation)

Giving Feedback

  • Recognize What You Have to Let Go of, What You Have to Learn, and Develop Strategies for Doing So
  • Describe Three Phases of the Change Process
  • Identify the Greatest Challenges for New Supervisors, and the Pitfalls to Avoid
  • Determine What Your Boss, Employees, Peers, and Senior Management Expect from You in Your New Role

Setting Goals for Yourself

  • Set SMART Goals for Yourself and Others
  • Delegate Tasks with a Focus on Quality Standards
  • Assess What Tasks You Can Delegate and How

Lesson Two (Personal Insights)

Defining Your Personal Behavioral Style

  • Identify Your Own Behavioral Style Preferences
  • Demonstrate the Best Way to Communicate with Bosses, Employees, or Peers Whose Style Preferences Differ from Yours
  • Build Better Working Relationships with Others By Identifying and Adjusting to Their Personal Behavioral Styles

Managing Your Time

  • Distinguish Urgent from Important
  • Use a Prioritizing Tool to Clarify Your Priorities
  • Practice Specific “Quick Hits” for Managing Time Effectively
  • Demonstrate Techniques for Protecting Your Time from Infringement By Others

Lesson Three (Guiding Performance)

  • Motivating Others
  • Explain What Motivates Others
  • Create a Motivating Environment

Understanding Adult Learning Styles

  • Describe Your Obligation to Train Your Employees
  • Meet the Needs of Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic Learning Styles
  • Demonstrate a Five-Step On-the-Job Training Model

Lesson Four (Continuous Growth)

Giving and Receiving Feedback

  • Describe the Criteria for Giving Effective Feedback
  • Deliver Both Supportive and Corrective Feedback Using the Instant Feedback Method
  • Demonstrate How to Receive Feedback Effectively

Developing Legal Awareness

  • Identify the Basic Laws Governing All Aspects of the Performance Cycle
  • Discuss Your Obligation Under These Laws
  • Demonstrate Your Legal Awareness By Participating in an Activity


The course is priced as follows: $2195 - Non-members
$1995 - AMA members
$1889 - GSA price

Certification / Credits

  • Create a new game plan for growth
  • Let go of your former role and establish your credibility
  • Adjust your behavioral style to give yourself a winning edge
  • Use the instant feedback model to build a successful coaching relationship
  • Control your emotions and think strategically when dealing with conflicts
  • Be definite and decisive in managing and protecting your time

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