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Leadership Training - Top Priority for Many Companies

One trend we've seen over and over in our yearly L&D benchmarking survey is that of leadership as by far the highest area of employee development for L&D professionals. So why is leadership training and development so important to the modern business?

Research by ATD shows that after taking steps to improve their leadership development training programs, organizations reported 114% higher sales, 70% lower turnover, 71% higher customer satisfaction and 90% lower absenteeism among other things. Clearly the money that goes into leadership training is well spent.

360 Degree Feedback : Individual Assessments

Many top leadership training programs include an all-encompassing assessment of individual leadership capacities that highlights strengths and areas for improvement. The principal goal of this feedback is to provide participants with a plan to guide their development, often referred to as an "individual roadmap". 360-degree feedback can be a valuable first step for achieving leadership development goals, if for no other reason than they highlight the areas that you most need improvement in.

Search among the leadership development training courses above and check if 360-degree feedback is included in the training course or as part of pre-course work. As always, you can submit an information request and find out more directly from the training provider!

Action-Based Learning for Leaders

Action learning describes an innovative approach to leadership training. It proposes moving away from conventional learning and focusing on creating an environment that encourages sharing experiences and asking questions. Many top leadership training courses utilize this approach, often in a manner that attempts to mimic the attendee's work environment.

This type of learning is especially valuable for leaders, because these individuals often need more than theory to fully grasp all leadership concepts. With this method, course participants get to put the theories they are learning into practice, preparing them to take these skills directly back to the job.

Participants often start off by analyzing case studies and then either take (or explain the steps they would take) given the specific circumstances. Afterwards, all participants will assess the actions taken in a group setting. The key to action learning is asking great questions that properly evaluate the problem and desired outcome through thoughtful reflection.

Types of Leadership Training

Leadership training has become quite popular which means that there are a wide range of courses available to fit any requirement. Classroom leadership training or seminars are available all over the country and usually just a few days in length. These are generally most appealing to individuals who are either looking for a course for their own development, or whose company wants to send them to a leadership class.

On-site training is more appealing to companies who have a number of employees that need leadership training. These trainers come directly to the organization and deliver the course. On-site training will often be specially developed to be relevant to the unique challenges faced by the company. If you see a leadership classroom course that seems like it would be a good option for your company, request information from the provider as many of them can deliver any course on-site.

Online leadership training can be perfect for anyone who is low on time or lives in an area that is lacking in classroom options. Online courses can be attended when and where it is convenient so you can gain key leadership knowledge on your own time.

leadership training

Executive Coaching for Leaders and Managers

Many of the top leadership training programs involve components of, or can be best described as executive coaching. Coaches aim to create circumstances or formulate lines of questioning that help participants to reach professional goals. This is often a highly individualized, company specific learning solution and requires that coaches have a strong understanding of the nature and realities of the client's work. Search for top training providers in your area of expertise and consider this more personalized approach to learning.

Leadership Training Outcomes

Depending on the level, and the exact topic, outcome of leadership training courses will vary. This is why you should choose your course carefully, with your desired outcome in mind. Do you want to focus on a specific area of leadership such as emotional intelligence or assertiveness? Are you a new or aspiring leader who needs a course to teach you the foundations of leadership? Or are you an experienced leader or executive looking for a class to hone and update your skills?

You can also check out reviews of the leadership training courses above to see what other course participants think of them if you are worried that a course might not have the right outcome for you. You should also not be afraid to get directly in touch with the course provider and ask for references. This is especially true if you are thinking about sourcing an on-site training courses for several employees.

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