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What is Leadership Training?

Leadership training is designed to help everyone in the organization be more effective leaders. Companies use a variety of formats for this kind of curriculum, including online, self-paced video and audio lessons, live classroom and speaking engagements, or even on-site meetings with other employees where they can interact face-to-face while also getting feedback from peers.

Leadership courses are meant to prepare an organization's leaders with the skills necessary to best handle any situation, and especially challenging ones.

Why is Leadership Training Important?

Good leaders are able to transform organizations, enhance value creation and create efficiencies by engaging their employees. This is why we've seen, over and over in our yearly L&D benchmarking survey, that "leadership" is the highest priory area of employee development within companies.

The money that goes into leadership training is well spent. Research by ATD shows that after taking steps to improve their leadership development training programs, organizations reported, among other things:

  • 114% increased sales,
  • 70% lower turnover,
  • 71% increased customer satisfaction, and 
  • 90% lower absenteeism 

Developing leadership skills also directly impacts the organization and culture, leading to better:

  • ability to manage internal and external change
  • project management
  • risk management
  • teamwork
  • employee experience / workplace culture

That said, developing an effective leadership development program in-house is no easy feat. In Deloitte's 2019 Human Capital Trends report, they found that while 80% of respondents rated leadership as a high priority for their organization, only 41% said that their company was ready or very ready to meet leadership requirements. 

How should you choose a Leadership Skills Training class?

The first step to becoming a better leader is understanding what specific skills you wish to develop. This can be done by thinking about the type of leadership course that would suit your needs best and then looking into those courses available. 

Do you want to focus on a specific area of leadership such as emotional intelligence or assertiveness? Are you a new or aspiring leader who needs a course to teach you leadership fundamentals? Or are you an experienced leader or executive looking for a class to hone your skills to the highest level?

You can use the filter features to help direct your search on WIth 1500+ courses to choose from, you're likely to find something to suit your needs.

Why Invest in External Leadership Training?

While it's important to prioritize leadership development internally, external leadership training can really boost your efforts. Exposing future high-potential leaders and current executives to a wider range of ideas and best practices brings in ideas and skills that they may never have gotten internally. They will bring these ideas back to the organization to the benefit of all.

During leadership training programs, it's common to begin and end with an in-depth analysis of participants' strengths and weaknesses. These are the areas they will work on improving throughout the program. While this is important for growth, it can be an intense process that most people would not necessarily feel comfortable with in front of colleagues. An external leadership training program offers a neutral, safe environment for growth. works with top training providers who are true innovators and thought-leaders in the world of leadership training and development. Not only do they offer a range of classroom, online, and on-site training options for leaders of all levels, but many of them also have the expertise to help you develop your internal leadership development program. 

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