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Leadership Evaluation - 15 Questions to Find your Style

With this leadership style quiz you will be able to determine how you lead and how you can improve to get the most out of your team. The different ways in which you act as a leader can have a big impact on those around you and how they perform. There are a number of common leadership styles, although everyone utilizes unique leadership techniques to suit their needs. By understanding how you lead, it can help you to closer meet the needs of your team by showing you ways you could incorporate new styles and adapt to changes on your career path. Perhaps you match Bill Gates' leadership style, an autocratic well respected business leader. Or, maybe you are more of a transformational leader such as Jeff Bezos - powerful and charismatic.

Why is leadership important?

Securing good leadership is vital to any successful business, and that's why it is important to develop strong leadership practices. Maybe you need help improving the way you delegate, or it might be that you find staying organized a challenge. Either way, taking a leadership training course will significantly improve your skills no matter which level you are currently at. Once you have discovered your current leadership style, you can browse courses that will help you brush up on your skills and take your career as a leader to the next level.

Why do I need to know my leadership style?

While some styles are more effective than others, there is no single correct leadership style, and often adapting your style to your situational needs can be the most successful approach. Whether you’re an experienced leader or just getting started, assessing your leadership style can be a positive addition to your leadership development roadmap.

Last updated: 02 Oct 2020

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