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Last updated: 1/26/2023

Quick and Affordable Leadership Training Development Solutions for Your Organization

Time is scarce... and money is scarcer. Here's one solution to the three key concerns your L&D team should be addressing in 2023. 

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Last updated: 11/30/2022

The Most Powerful Technique Leaders Use to Communicate Expectations Clearly

If you lead a team of people, you’ve almost certainly had the experience of your team failing to meet your expectations at some point. Want to change this? Use this highly effective technique to create crystalline understanding around your expectations, every time. 

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Last updated: 1/3/2023

Top 5 Remote Skills to Include on Your Resume

If you are looking for a remote job, you do not want to overlook certain essential skills when crafting your resume. Here are the top five skills to include that will help you stand out in the world of remote work.

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Last updated: 10/17/2022

The Office is Back

Is your organization underestimating the fallout from the pandemic years? Long-term wounds exist and need attention to fully heal. Powers Resources Center explains how to move forward.

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Last updated: 11/7/2022

The Positives and Challenges with Self-Paced Employee Learning

More and more employees have been learning new skills and staying up-to-date with company policies through self-paced learning or e-learning programs. Although the benefits are many, there are several challenges that both training buyers and users face with e-learning. This article explores some of them.

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Last updated: 11/3/2022

Who is an AWS IQ Expert and How To Become One In Cloud Computing?

All kinds of organizations make use of cloud computing for a variety of reasons, including data backup, virtual desktops, and disaster recovery. The Intelligence initiative of AWS (Amazon web Services) provides a comprehensive solution to all kinds of technical problems while simultaneously helping intelligence communities.

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Last updated: 11/28/2022

5 Facts for using Laravel for Developing Learning Management Systems

Organizations are pouring resources into developing Learning Management Systems (LMS). As a result, they are choosing Laravel as their preferred development framework. Read on to find out why.

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Last updated: 12/28/2022

How to Invest in Real Estate (Without Actually Buying Property)

Investing in real estate is one of the most popular (and profitable) ways to invest your money. However, buying a property requires a large initial outlay of capital. Here's how you can invest in real estate without actually buying real estate.

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Last updated: 10/17/2022

Bracing for Uncertainty: Why It’s Time to Shore Up Your Team

The secret to shoring up against an economic downturn already exists within your organization. Read this article from Powers Resource Center to learn more.

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Last updated: 11/3/2022

Going Beyond Your DEI Acronym

More than just changing their diversity acronym, organizations must design goal-aligned strategic actions if they're going to successfully create an inclusive workplace. Orange Grove Consultants reveals how.

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