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What is a Project?

A project is loosely defined as an undertaking intended to create a unique result, service or product. Generally constrained by a number of variables such as time, funding and deliverables, the overall agenda is to create value. The responsibilities of project managers are unique because projects stand out from normal day to day business practices in that they are temporary in nature, unlike the permanent and repetitive world of functional business practices. It is this distinction that creates the need for a separate set of guidelines and specific project management training.  

Project Management Training Formats

Project management training in the US is widely varied, not simply in approach but also training platform, time commitment, and available qualifications and certifications.Training providers offer Project Management training in a broad range of formats including e-learning, in-house, and scheduled. Courses can be searched by time commitment as well, and are available from brief updates on best practices, to multi-week project management master's programs. Likewise, not all PM approaches are appropriate for all projects. Before choosing a training course, make sure to pick the right approach for your project. Whether it's industry specific, designed to fit client needs, or a blended approach meant to suit numerous projects, it's important to choose wisely.

PRINCE2 Certification

PRINCE2 stands for Projects In Controlled Environments and is generally thought of as the primary approach to effective project management. As the names suggests, PRINCE2 is a highly structured approach to project management. Project management training providers offering courses in PRINCE2 will guide participants through how to organize project processes into a well-defined framework. By utilizing a clearly defined structure, the PRINCE2 approach puts project focus on outcomes, rather than individual project tasks.

Agile Project Management (APM) Training Courses

As the name infers, Agile is designed to be flexible, approaching the project as a set of individual small tasks completed in the manner that best suites the specific situation. It is most commonly used for projects related to web and software development, as well as marketing and creative projects. Our agile training will prepare you to work in projects where the client is involved in the project development process.

Lean Project Management

This approach adapts the concepts of lean thinking into project management, the goal being to maximize value and minimize waste. In project terms this means completing within the given limitations, while avoiding wastes of resources, time, etc. The training providers offer many courses focused on teaching lean project management, whether as a singular approach or blended into other project management approaches.