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More About Professional Training in Chicago

Chicago, like most great cities, grew from humble beginnings. Originally founded in the 19th century, Chicago’s first recorded population was a meager 200 residents. Over the years, Chicago has grown into the 3rd most populous city in the United States and is home to approximately 9.5 million residents. Today, the city is bordered to the east by Lake Michigan and both the Chicago and Calumet River running through the city. Chicago’s rise to its current prominence is largely attributed to its proximity to these bodies of water, as it was a source of many jobs and played a vital role in the industrial boom. Today, Chicago is at the forefront of business and finance in the world and boasts a wide variety of professional training for all career needs.

Training in Chicago: Architecture

In 1871, the Great Chicago Fire nearly destroyed the entire city. From this tragedy, Chicago reinvented itself to become one of the foremost cities in architecture in the world. Most cities at that time consisted largely of wooden buildings, but Chicago learned from its disaster and began utilizing steel in construction. The rebuilding was no easy feat, but brilliant minds from across the world flocked to Chicago for the chance to design and create a completely unique building.

With this architectural freedom, Chicago became home to numerous skyscrapers and an exquisite and instantly recognizable skyline. A few architectural feats were so great they require their own zip code, including the Willis Tower (formerly the Sears Tower) and the Merchandise Mart, both of which previously topped the list of largest building in the world. Many professionals still flock to the city to study and develop their skills with training courses and to be inspired by some of the greatest works in the world.

Science and Engineering: Training in Chicago

Chicago has always been a force to be reckoned with in the science and engineering fields. Dating back to the early 1900s, Chicago proved it was a large engineering player when minds came together to reverse the flow of the Chicago River. This engineering decision was made due to an extreme weather situation which, at the time, gravely threatened the city. This feat became known as one of the ‘Civil Engineering Monuments of the Millennium’ by the American Society of Civil Engineers. Another large engineering task Chicago took upon itself in its early beginnings was to raise the level of the city itself. Since these feats, Chicago has climbed to the third largest workforce in the fields of science and engineering across the United States. Universities and businesses spread through the city embrace this revolutionary past and continue to expand the wealth of knowledge and training in the science and engineering fields.

Course Format of Training in Chicago

Participants looking to enroll in professional training in Chicago will find that there are several formats to suit various needs. For the professional looking to participate in discussion with fellow classmates and instructors, classroom courses are available. Students that require flexibility in class schedule and location will find that online courses are suited for their needs. If a company is looking to train a large number of employees, in-house training is also available in Chicago.

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