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That “yes, we can!” team spirit is getting more challenging to keep up all the time. Challenges like decreasing employee engagement, remote and hybrid work make it more important then ever to build strong bonds between team members. Training in how to work together (no matter where team members sit) strengthens trust, engagement, and performance.

Get started in finding the right training for you and your team with’s Top 10 list of Most Popular Team Building courses. Or browse through our 400+ team building courses to explore all the options. A high-performing team is within your reach!


Advanced Leadership Skills and Principles

SLDI logo

  Delivery: On-site

  Duration: 1-3 days

  Price: Contact provider

Become a successful leader

This course from Strategic Leadership Development International lays the foundation for life-long learning and improvement as a leader. It builds on the perspective that a leader's success eventually depends on two capabilities: people skills and communication skills. Every module in the course centers on one or both of these skillsets. This program is customizable to meet each client's unique needs.

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PCSkills: Virtual Team Building and Management 


  Delivery: Virtual Classroom, On-site

  Duration: 1-4 hours

  Price: Contact provider

Harness the Potential

Equip yourself with the expertise to excel in the virtual team landscape. In this course from GoldSRD, you will gain the knowledge to navigate the challenges of virtual teams in today's growing global workforce. You will embrace the opportunities and triumph over the complexities of a global workforce. Overcome challenges of distance and cultural differences for enhanced productivity and success.

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Five Behaviors Of A Cohesive Team

TrainSMART logo

  Delivery: On-site

  Duration: Contact provider

  Price: Contact provider

Discover the critical conditions for an effective team

In Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team, TrainSMART helps your team understand, with the help of DiSC personality assessments, what characteristics a team needs to have in order to work together effectively. During this course, each member of your team will learn what behaviors they need to change or develop in order for everyone to succeed!

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Leading World Class Teams: Local, Global, Virtual 

Barnes & Conti logo

  Delivery: On-site or Virtual Classroom

  Duration:1-2 days or 2-3 sessions

  Price: Contact provider

Get (team) work done

Leaders in virtual teams require unique skills and structures. This course from Barnes & Conti Associates can help you to master the art of leading teams wherever members are located. Gain essential tools to build and maintain motivated and trustworthy teams across time zones, distances, and cultures. Enhance your team leadership skills and unlock the benefits of seamless collaboration in today's interconnected world. Choose from the one or two-day course.

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Team Building Programs

Eagle's Flight logo

  Delivery: On-site

  Duration: 0.5-1 days

  Price: Contact provider

Elevate your corporate event

Are you planning a corporate event and looking to add some team building sessions? Eagle's Flight transforms events into unforgettable experiences. Their team building programs bring a unique energy and excitement, offering an immersive and interactive journey for attendees.

Partnering with Eagle’s Flight for your event means having a dedicated team with over 30 years of experience in seamlessly integrating their sessions into your event. From shipping and materials to costumes and program flow, they handle the details, ensuring a fun and memorable event aligned with your goals.

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Motivational Leadership and Building Successful Teams

LCT logo

  Delivery: Self-paced Online

  Duration: 1 week

  Price: Contact provider

Motivate and inspire your team

Unlock the keys to effective team dynamics and overall business success with this one-week Motivational Leadership and Building Successful Teams course from London Corporate Training. This transformative program delves into the core elements of successful teams, guiding participants through motivational leadership styles and techniques.

Participants emerge equipped to set targets aligned with the organization's vision, with confidence in motivational leadership, able to employ team-building techniques, and ready to construct practical solutions to real-world challenges. Ignite success with this dynamic course tailored for driving achievement in line with business goals.

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Conference for Frontline Supervisors

LDI logo

  Delivery: On-site, Virtual Classroom

  Duration: Keynote to 2 days

  Price: $400

Empower frontline leaders

The Leader Development Institute’s Conference for Frontline Supervisors is an intensive one- or two-day event designed to enhance supervisory and team management skills. Tailored for both seasoned and novice supervisors, this opportunity focuses on leading employees towards improved individual, team, and organizational performance. The conference offers eight customizable modules, allowing organizations to select and build a program tailored to their specific needs. Each module, presented in 1.5-hour sessions, provides flexibility to cover all eight in a day or select specific topics. Empower your frontline leaders with targeted skill development.

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Developing High Performance Teams

  Delivery: Developing High Performance Teams

  Duration: 3 days

  Price: Contact provider

Boost team performance

Success as a manager depends on team effectiveness and results. This workshop from Mainstream Corporate Training is designed for those looking to enhance team leadership skills and unleash individual talent. Participants will learn to identify team types, build effective teamwork, foster trust, and recognize elements that empower a team.

The workshop covers strategies for addressing conflicts and common challenges, as well as utilizing action planning and analysis tools to boost team performance. It's a focused and comprehensive approach to successful team leadership.

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Employee Engagement

Infopro logo

  Delivery: Virtual Classroom, On-site

  Duration: 4-6 months

  Price: Contact provider

Master employee engagement

Infopro Learning’s Employee Engagement program equips participants with competencies to decode engagement, retain talent, and foster a high-trust, productive culture.

The program includes leadership courses on trust-building, engagement, inclusive leadership, and coaching, and empowers participants to understand, strategize, and assess employee engagement within organizations. Elevate leadership skills and unravel the secrets of lasting employee engagement success.

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Athletics Leadership Summit 

Villanova logo

  Delivery: Classroom

  Duration: 2 days

  Price: Contact provider

Immerse yourself in an authentic team leadership philosophy

Embark on a unique learning journey at Villanova's Finneran Pavilion, delving into the 5 Pillars that guide Villanova Athletics. This annual two-day experience immerses learners in authentic leadership philosophy, support for student-athlete development, achieving competitive excellence, fostering compliance and community, and promoting athletic entrepreneurship.

Led by the innovative leaders of Villanova Athletics, the course is ideal for early to mid-level sports management professionals, those transitioning to a career in sports management, and individuals seeking general team leadership insights from Villanova Athletics. Elevate your leadership game with this one-of-a-kind summit.

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Create an Engaged, Cohesive Team

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Courtney is the communications manager for findcourses. She works to ensure that everyone visiting the site can easily find and compare courses – and that they have all the necessary information available to decide which will help them meet their professional goals. Courtney studied literature and business at Hanover College and has been working for findcourses in Stockholm since 2016.