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Larry Coco is an accomplished transformational senior level executive with a strong track record of growing sales organizations : Recruiting, Training, Executive/Team Coaching

Larry Coco

Larry’s ability to develop people and companies has been the hallmark of his career. He is highly experienced in the formation of strategic plans, skilled in the areas of creating and driving key processes to achieve improved results. In addition, he understands the value of people when building high performance elite teams.

Prior to opening his company in 2008, Larry held a wide range of positions at Ricoh Corporation including leadership of various committees and special projects. Examples include the Malcolm Baldridge Committee for Excellence, The Sales Development Training Program, The Sales Manager Development Program, The Ricoh Six Step Sales Process, New Hire Orientation Programs, and presenting Balanced Scorecard Objectives to the Senior Executive Team.

Larry was most proud when he presented and won the International Ricoh Company Ltd. Best Practice Award representing Ricoh US for the Sales Development Training Program geared to maintaining high productivity and substantially reducing sales turnover.

Larry has worked with 850 + clients over the past 14 years in the IT, Information Sharing, Document Management, Logistics, Financial Services, Medical, and Manufacturing industries.


Specializing in:

- A Higher Sale Playbook

- Sales Recruiting

- Sales/Executive Coaching

- Sales Compensation Plans

- Sales Rep Training

- Strategic Planning/ Inspection

- Sales Management Leadership       Training

- Building Inside Sales Teams

- New Business Development

- Activity Management Systems

Last updated: 11/5/2021

Why Top Sales Professionals Thrive Earning Referrals

Does your referral process bring you more business? Top sales professionals know how to generate up to 41% of business through an effective referral process. In this article, Larry Coco explains how to develop your client base and build a strong referral system. 

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Last updated: 10/19/2022

Key Attributes of the Elite Sales Professional

What values do successful people share, and does knowing those values help you build a better business? In short, the answer is yes! In an ever-changing landscape, fostering these 5 key values helps you build the elite, high-performance team you so want, need, and deserve.

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