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Case studies within Excel

Software Updates – get current with a course in Excel

As with all Microsoft Office Suite programs, Excel is regularly updated with improvements to both functional and interface features. Microsoft Excel training programs are almost always organized by release. While it may seem logical to take a course the most current release of Excel some companies decide to maintain an older version. For this reason make sure you are enrolling for Excel training in the right version.

Getting started with Microsoft Excel

Sitting down to work with Microsoft Excel for the first time can be intimidating, to say the least. A grid of cells divided into rows and columns, the potential of Excel workbooks are restricted only by the knowledge of the person using them. Microsoft Excel training courses will help you start learning how to name columns, input and use formulas, create PivotTables and PivotCharts

Back to the Basics

Most of us are self-taught in Excel. Basic Microsoft Excel training courses provide an excellent opportunity to take a step back and reconsider how you are using the program. You will be able to make sure you are going about things in the quickest manner possible, utilizing shortcuts and organizing data based on your needs.

Basic Excel training courses often contain sections on making charts and graphics. Learn how to embed graphics into the Excel sheet, or prepare them for easy export to presentations. Consider taking a longer course covering Microsoft Office and learn how to used Excel in combination with other programs, such as PowerPoint.

Data Security and Password Protection

In this modern era of corporate crime and information security, learning how to properly protect your spreadsheets might just be the most important skill to be gained from an Excel training course. Excel offers a number of ways to protect your data and information.

Password protection is available to:

  • open a document
  • modify a document
  • protect workbook
  • unprotect worksheet
  • protect the sharing workbook

Advanced Microsoft Excel Training – Get the most out of Excel

Learn to develop financial models, examine a variety of forecasting techniques, minimize risk, run large data imports, and much more. Advanced Excel training courses guide participants through methods for creating, designing and managing complex financial models. Gaining advanced skills in Microsoft Excel will enable you to truly experience the power of the program.

VBA Programming

Visual Basics for Applications programming opens up a whole new world of coding and programming not available with standard spreadsheet formulas and tools. Available on all Windows versions and Mac other than Excel 2008, VBA is categorized as a user-defined function, allowing users to change or manipulate the program interface and tool bar.

Learn how to use VBA to bend excel capabilities to your will, maximizing program usefulness.  Many companies include this skill set as part of course material for advanced Microsoft Excel training programs.