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Professional Development News

Professional Development News


A weekly round-up of everything relating to professional learning. We cover legislation affecting professional development, government funding opportunities for employee learning, emerging technologies shaping corporate learning, and awards and conferences relevant to the talent development community.

Last updated: 04 Dec 2017

Where is the Future of Corporate Training Headed? - 4/2/2018

Published: 4/6/2018

Companies and training professionals are beginning to fear that they will soon become obsolete in this expanding market due to growing technologies. Find out what Fast Company has to say about technology and the future of L&D. 

How is Technology Distracting U.S. Workers? - 3/5/2018

Published: 3/8/2018

Work distractions due to technology are creating a big impact on the performance of workers. In fact, Udemy's research discovered that over a third of millennials spend 2 or more hours a day on their phones rather than working. Find out how you can help fight these distractions and re-motivate employees!

Harassment Training in Utah, Mobile Games and Teacher Training Funding - 2/26/2018

Published: 3/2/2018

Lawmakers have approved a proposal that would require lobbyists to participate in annual anti-sexual harassment training in order to be licensed to lobby in the state Capital of Utah. On Tuesday the Utah House approved this proposal with a 58-11 vote, causing it to move on to the state senate for review.

Social Media and Professional Development - 2/19/2018

Published: 2/22/2018

New findings have discovered that employees are using social media to learn new career skills. With platforms like twitter and YouTube, professionals can develop professionally with the click of a mouse. In addition, learners can take graduate-level classes online for only a piece of the cost.

New Hampshire Education Aid Bill - 2/12/2018

Published: 2/16/2018

On Tuesday the Senate Education Committee held a public hearing on a bill sponsored by Republican Sen. Andy Sanborn, of Bedford, who said the roughly $4 million the state spends on adult workforce training programs should be reserved for people who can legally work in the United States.

STEM Worker Development and Mine Safety Training Grant - 2/5/2018

Published: 2/8/2018

The National Science Board issued a companion policy statement saying that, “Our Nation’s Future Competitiveness Relies on Building a Stem-capable U.S. Workforce.” The NSB offered some ideas to help build the U.S. workforce of the future.

Training Top 125 Rankings, Professional Development in Indiana and Training for Deskless Workers - 1/29/2018

Published: 2/1/2018

In 10 days Training magazine will reveal the ranking of their Training Top 125 winners for the learning industry awards. The winners consist of the organizations with the most successful learning and development programs in the world.

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Nurse Apprenticeships - 12/18/2017

Published: 12/22/2017

Educational institutions, federal governments and local governments are joining together to create nursing apprenticeships so that students can earn money and gain real experience while continuing to go to school.

VR Training, Training Funds and Sexual Harassment Training - 12/4/2017

Published: 12/8/2017

The Walmart located in Leicester Massachusetts has taken major steps in using virtual-reality to train their employees.The assistant store manager, Scott M.Pelletier, received virtual-reality training in Walmart Academy on the deli, bakery, and produce departments. In addition he received virtual-reality training to prepare him for Black Friday, which he claimed was very similar to the real thing.

Microlearning, Mandatory Sexual Harassment Training - 11/27/2017

Published: 12/1/2017

One of the most commonly used buzzwords in the training industry, “microlearning”, has officially been trademarked by the education technology company Grovo – granted by the U.S Patent and Trademark Office.

VR Training and Tech Apprenticeships - 11/20/2017

Published: 11/24/2017

The next big name in training services – Virtual Reality – is expected to generate $260 million in 2018 and grow to a shocking $6.3 billion in 2022. Many training organizations are starting to notice the benefits in utilizing Virtual Reality Systems for their services, triggering this astronomical growth.

Corporate Learning Week, Apprenticeships Executive Order - 11/13/2017

Published: 11/17/2017

The 5th Corporate Learning Week took place this past week from November 13-16 in Dallas, Texas. Made for and by Learning and Development leaders, the mission of Corporate Learning Week is to provide the strategies necessary to increase effectiveness within the business, create a more productive workforce and faster organizational growth. 

Lawmakers Call for Sexual Harassment Training - 11/6/2017

Published: 11/10/2017

As allegations of sexual harassment in Capital Hill continue to take light, mandatory training is being called into action for members of congress. The House and Senate Lawmakers aren’t wasting any time to mandate sexual harassment training.

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States Push for Teacher PD, Senate Rejects Teacher Budget Cuts - 10/30/2017

Published: 11/3/2017

Mandatory training, required by states, means that principles, teachers and other school leaders will find an increase in opportunities to develop their leadership skills, perform their job better and advance in their career.