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Professional women everywhere have heard the symptoms described over and over again: anxiety … fatigue … tension … emotional “outbursts” … inability to relax. These are just a few of the outward signs of the crippling stress that affects so many successful, driven women.

Demanding lives will never be totally without stress — and that’s OK! In fact, experts agree that the right amount of stress can fuel your energy level, creativity and productivity.

The trick is learning how to operate at your personal optimum stress level, while pro-tecting yourself from dangerous overstress. This powerful seminar shows you exactly how to do that — achieve the way you want to and really enjoy your successes.

Attend this seminar, and you will learn proven strategies and tactics to. . .

  • Attack stress at its source.
  • Know the seven major causes of stress and how to neutralize them.
  • Defeat workplace stress.
  • Get hard-hitting tips to handle pressure, crises, problem-solving and decision-making with ease.
  • Rebuild and renew creativity, confidence and enthusiasm.
  • Protect your health and create a nutrition, exercise and sleep routine that works for you.
  • Balance your numerous commitments, without the conflicts. Learn three powerful steps that make it possible.
  • And much more.

HOW CAN I: Take the heat off myself without lowering my standards?

You’re proud of the good job you do, but you want to accomplish and succeed without putting yourself on a one-way street to burnout. You’ll find out if "superachievement” and “perfectionism” have become weaknesses instead of strengths. You’ll discover why success is one of the biggest stressors of all! Most important, you’ll learn how to reduce the stress and still perform at your peak!

HOW CAN I: Stay calm and focused in the face of deadlines and emergencies - when everything is RUSH and URGENT?

Sometimes you can’t avoid high-pressure situations. However, you can greatly reduce the chance of overstress if you know a few ingenious, super-quick methods to keep tension and anxiety in check. Don’t face another "pressure-cooker" situation without the fantastic on-the-spot techniques covered at this seminar!

HOW CAN I: Stop my career from overrunning my personal life (and vice versa)?

Balancing your work and personal life is easier said than done — and stress is the primary reason. You’ll find out how to work at your peak, really relax and enjoy your leisure time and avoid the work and home conflicts that cause guilt and emotional upheaval.

HOW CAN I: Know how much stress is healthy (or unhealthy) for ME? How much is TOO much?

Surprisingly, the right amount of stress can help you achieve and succeed. The key is knowing how much is right for you. Score yourself on the “Stress Tolerance Level Test” to determine your optimum personal stress level. You’ll learn how to consistently operate in your individual “stress range” and prevent most problems before they can start!

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Stress: Where It Comes From and How It Affects You.

  • The five most common causes of stress for working women, with realistic strategies for dealing with each.
  • Hidden” stressors: you may not even be aware of these common situations and activities that trigger stress and anxiety.
  • What you can do to prevent “burnout.” Learn the stages and symptoms of chronic stress, and the hard-hitting counterattacks for each stage.
  • "Success Stress" — how to fight this damaging form of stress that strikes the most talented, high-achieving women.
  • Why you may be demanding too much from yourself. Discover innovative methods to manage 10 “self-induced” stress triggers.

Stress and Working Women: What Every Professional Woman Should Know.

  • “Perfectionism” and “superachievement” — how to pinpoint and overcome these dangerous, high-stress personality tendencies without sacrificing productivity.
  • Techniques for handling pressure and crisis without losing your cool.
  • New stress-reducing people skills — how to banish the stress that others cause you in the workplace … at home … anywhere!
  • A step-by-step process to get others to solve their own problems … instead of bringing them to you!
  • Your own personal “Stress Tolerance Level” — and effective new ways to “stay within bounds.”

Stress “Recovery”: Ways to Rebuild Your Energy, Enthusiasm, and Confidence.

  • Danger signals! Eight telltale signs that stress is seriously affecting your energy and performance.
  • How to stay balanced during intense, high-pressure situations.
  • The daily juggling act — how to manage multiple roles (professional, spouse, and mother) while maintaining a sense of satisfaction and self.
  • In search of “lost” creativity: Reduce the tensions and stresses that inhibit your natural creative energies.
  • How to conquer deadlines and other time pressures — you’ll control the stress and still consistently succeed!
  • Cool and confident! Project the image … and really feel it!

The Health-Stress Connection: How to Take Better Care of Yourself.

  • Ways to protect your health: how to self-treat and eliminate the physical symptoms of stress and burnout.
  • Surprising diet and nutrition tips that make it easy to break out of the “fast food” rut.

Stress Control: Guidelines for Maintaining a Balanced Lifestyle.

  • A super-effective stress-buster! This 1-minute stress-reduction technique can be used anywhere, any time!
  • How to really relax! Get the most out of your leisure time — and get more of it!
  • Three easy ways to conquer everyday hassles and tensions that add to your stress burden.
  • Smart efficiency tips that ensure you’ll get the maximum results for your efforts.
  • The “Fatigue Cycle”: Regain your strength with real-life ways to overcome low energy and weariness.
  • When, and how, to leave work at the office.

Stress Management: Effective Practices That Allow You to Unwind and Renew Yourself.

  • Long-term and short-term stress — why it’s critical to be able to tell the difference.
  • The successful working woman’s stress-management secret: how to harness stress as an energy gainer … instead of an energy drainer.

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