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  • Sales training is a program designed to develop and enhance the skills and knowledge of sales professionals. It covers various aspects of the sales process, including prospecting, relationship-building, negotiation, closing techniques, and customer retention, helping salespeople effectively engage with clients and achieve their targets.

  • The improvement in performance after sales training can vary depending on the quality of the training, the individual's skills, and their commitment to applying what they've learned. A well-designed sales training program can lead to significant performance improvements, such as higher conversion rates, increased revenue, and better customer satisfaction.

  • Some sales methodologies include:

    • Solution Selling: Focusing on addressing needs and pain points.
    • SPIN Selling: Utilizing questions to understand customer requirements.
    • Challenger Sale: Challenging customers' assumptions and offering unique insights.
    • Sandler Selling System: Emphasizing relationship-building and a mutual agreement.
    • Value Selling: Concentrating on delivering value and benefits.
  • To choose the right sales program for your team, consider the following:

    • Course objectives and alignment with your team's needs.
    • The credibility and experience of the training provider.
    • The sales methodology or approach taught.
    • Format and duration of the course.
    • Customizability of the content to fit your team's unique challenges and industry.
    • Availability of post-training support or follow-up resources.

Sales Training Programs - Get Real Results

Revenue generation through sales is the driving force of most businesses - and successful sales numbers start with effective sellers. Organizations looking to grow and thrive invest in the best sales training available to ensure their sales teams have a great foundation of knowledge and skills on which to drive sales and exceed targets.

Individuals looking to enhance their career or develop particular aspects of their role turn to sales training to improve their performance - and get ahead in the sales industry. 

Many experts agree that sales has changed massively over the last few years. For one thing, buyers are no longer willing to tolerate aggressive sales tactics. They also tend to prefer to gather information online before ever talking to a sales person - and if possible go through the buying entire buying process online.

While sales people still have, and likely always will have a place, it is more essential than ever that current and aspiring sales professionals are up to date with industry trends. Sales programs from the top providers we work with on will help keep you at the top of the industry.

Sales Programs for Beginners - Get New Hires Meeting Quota Faster

The best sales programs for beginners help participants develop a solid sales knowledge base. A study by Sales Readiness Group found that companies with effective sales training had new salespeople who could meet quota up to seven weeks faster than companies with ineffective sales training. Based on this, they estimate that ineffective sales training could cause companies to lose up to $67,305.

If you feel that your new hires could aren't developing as quickly as you hoped, then your current sales training program could be in question. Talk to our expert sales training providers about how they can help you train new salespeople for great results.

Top Skills to Gain from Sales Training

Exactly what you need in order to succeed in sales may vary depending on the product or service you or your employees are selling, or what role you work in. For example, a sales manager likely needs to build different skills than an entry-level salesperson

However, many sales skills will benefit you in any sales role. Many of these skill areas will even carry over to other careers. Here are few standouts:

Building Rapport

First impressions matter. It's always easier to work from a strong vantage point and building rapport and ensuring that the client is engaged from the word go is a skill all of it's own. Creating a connection with the client is all too often overlooked. Those new to sales are focused on utilizing the limited time set aside for a meeting to push the product and ensure the client learns everything about the product.

Reserving time to break the ice is a must. Good sellers show an interest in their prospects and create an environment that allows for their participation in the process. Most sales training programs put a strong focus on helping professionals learn how to build rapport effectively and tailor their approaches to different customers.

Communication and Listening Skills

We've said it before - everyone needs good communication skills to succeed in business and life. However, with sales, your ability to communicate effectively has a direct link to your ability to make money and succeed in your job.

Part of communication, listening is also a very important skill for sales professionals. When prospects see that you actually listen to their needs rather than just pitching your solution, they often see you as someone trying to help them instead of someone desperate to sell something to them.

Many of the sales training courses above will spend some time on these key skills. However, if you want more specialized communication skills training, we do have a category focused entirely on this area


Hubspot found that prospecting is the most challenging part of work for most (40%) salespeople. It's also one of the most important parts of the job for those looking to meet their revenue goal. According to HubSpot Research, 72% of companies with less than 50 new opportunities per month didn't achieve their revenue goals, compared to 15% with 51 to 100 new opportunities and just 4% for companies with 101 to 200 new opportunities.

Prospecting training helps salespeople learn techniques to find better prospects more quickly and efficiently so that their pipeline stays full at all times. If you are specifically looking for prospecting training, try searching in our prospecting category

Have more questions about sales training? Need help finding the right course? Get in touch with us and we would love to help