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Sales Training - Get Real Results

Revenue generation through sales is the driving force of most businesses - and successful sales numbers start with effective sellers. Organizations looking to grow and thrive invest in sales training to ensure their sales teams have the best possible foundation of knowledge and skills on which to drive sales and exceed targets. Individuals looking to enhance their career or develop particular aspects of their role turn to sales training to improve their performance - and get ahead in the sales industry.

Although selling is considered an art form, it isn't just a natural skill, it requires the successful application of best practice knowledge and techniques in order to close the deals. Sales training helps professionals ensure they are working to the best of their ability, covering all possible angles in order to get the results they desire. Sales training also helps staff stay up to date with the latest trends and best practices in the industry, to ensure they stay responsive and relevant in their sales approaches.

Sales Training - Formats and Content

There is a huge variety of sales training available, with popular topics including:

  • Key account manager sales training
  • Cold calling
  • Sales coaching
  • Sales manager training
  • Sales process management
  • Telemarketing
  • Lead generation tactics
  • Negotiation
  • Prospecting
  • Communication Skills

Sales training can be taken in classroom settings or online for a more flexible learning option. Companies can also schedule in-house training for their sales departments, so content can be tailored to meet their requirements and they can ensure that the whole team is on the same page.

What Could you Learn?

Building Rapport

First impressions matter. It's always easier to work from a strong vantage point and building rapport and ensuring that the client is engaged from the word go is a skill all of it's own. Creating a connection with the client is all too often overlooked. Those new to sales are focused on utilizing the limited time set aside for a meeting to push the product and insure the client learns everything about the product. Reserving time to break the ice is a must. Good sellers show an interest in their prospects and create an environment that allows for their participation in the process. Sales training will help professionals learn how to build rapport effectively and tailor their approaches to different customers.

Key Account Management 

Building close relationships with strategically important clients is key to any businesses success. Sales training courses in Key Account Management will help you to better understand how to analyse, plan and create strong relationships from existing client pools as well as clarify the types of clients to pursue. 

Communication and Listening Sales

Many week-long sales training courses go into great detail, however no matter what course you enroll in they are sure to devote time to basic listening and communication skills. Being an active listener not only ensures that the prospects needs are understood and internalized but, often just as importantly, that they feel like they are being heard. By increasing both engagement and understanding through strong listening skills you are better prepared to describe the product. Learn how to develop simple, clear and well-crafted messages describing the product and benefits. For those who are confident in their sales skills but would like to brush up in listening or communication skills, consider a course in emotional intelligence (EI),