The 4P's To Revenue Growth: People, Promotion, Processes & Presence

In this article, we dive into how you can grow revenue by maximizing and aligning your sales and marketing teams. Learn what these 4 P's are and access a free ebook

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The​ surest way for an organization to increase and sustain revenues is to attract, recruit and retain the best talent (People) that can conceive and create the right sales and marketing strategies (Promotion). Once the strategies are in place, create processes and equip team(s) to execute them (Process). Once all these are in place and operating successfully, the right culture (Presence) must exist to keep it all together.


Hiring the right people the first time around is critical. They’re not only the most valuable asset but, in most cases, the greatest cost. The primary cause of employee turnover today is not poor job performance, rather it is poor employee recruiting processes and selection criteria.

46% of new hires fail 19% who achieve success.


Creating and aligning sales and marketing strategies is critical to promoting products/services.


  • Target Markets
  • Competition
  • Distribution Channels
  • Strategic Partners
  • Product-Service Positioning/Pricing
  • Inbound & Outbound Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Direct & Indirect Selling
  • Closed-End Analytics & Reporting


Establishing, executing and measuring "aligned" sales and  marketing processes are required to achieve revenue growth.

The​ cost to find and embed your industry's functional best practices into your organization’s processes and culture is not cheap. It takes time, money and discipline, but it’s a small price to pay for an organization and their people to perform at a high level.


The right culture, or PRESENCE, keeps everything together. Creating and sustaining a positive culture within sales and marketing will establish an environment that people are drawn to.

The four relationship types between departments are:

  • Unclear
  • Clear
  • Aligned
  • United

At​ Value Based, we’re focused on maximizing the sales and marketing functions of your organization. When both departments function as one they’re more likely to achieve your revenue goals. It’s the optimization and synergy of these 4P’s within your sales and marketing departments that will make the difference. See our resources below for more information on the 4P's:

The 4P's eBook (PDF)

The 4P's Infographic

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