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More About Office Computer Skills

Today's job market requires a strong familiarity with a range of different industry specific and general computer programs. Courses in computer skills are usually short, either one-day or half-day and designed to get participants the skills they need so they can get back to work. Search from the above list of computer skills training courses for the specific program or use the search bar located at the top of the screen.

Computer Skills Training: Typing

In today's fast paced global economy where everything is conducted via computer, it's crucial to ensure that your fingers move as quickly as your ideas. A short course in typing can drastically increase typing speed and turn a sometimes challenging task into an afterthought. Search for short courses in typing to sharpen your skills and increase productivity at home and in the office.

Computer Skills Training: Microsoft Office

Microsoft products are a large part of many professional lives. Whether just entering the workforce and requiring an in-depth understanding of this important program set, expanding your usage of a specific program, or simply needing to get a handle on the latest version, Microsoft Office courses provide invaluable guidance. A number of providers also make these courses available as part of larger programs, as well. PowerPoint instruction is often included in presentation skills programs. Consider searching by the specific office skill you are interested and check to ensure that it includes a computer skills component.

Computer Skills Training: Photoshop and Design

Photoshop is a powerful tool for creating or refining images. Its professional applications are nearly endless, but the program most certainly comes with a learning curve. As such, there are a great number of training providers offering course options in Photoshop. If you are looking to learn the latest in design skills also consider a course in Illustrator or InDesign.

Computer Skills Training: Online Short Courses

Many computer skills courses can be taken as online or distance courses. Consider taking a 90 minute short course in Excel and get a better understanding of its various applications. Many courses of this type are organized by difficulty. If you’re not sure of your specific level of competence with a course, reach out to the training provider by completing an information request. It’s a fast, free and easy way to get real guidance from a range of training companies.

Consider an e-learning subscription. This is an ideal choice for anyone looking to gain a basic understanding of several different office computer programs.  For a monthly subscription fee you are able to access a large number of online courses, available to take at your convenience.

Company Specific or In-house Computer Skills Training

While most computer skills are fairly broad-based, applicable to a wide variety of different offices, there are some company specific computer skills. File sharing, for example, is an important skill that often involves a set of company specific guidelines - such as naming some folders as shareable to the public, changing privacy settings. Company-wide issues of this nature that may include a security element are sometimes best conducted on-site. Search for training providers that offer computer skills programs in-house and ensure that your company is receiving information that is readily applicable to their daily computer usage.