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Leadership Development for Women: 7 Courses You Need to Advance Your Career

The benefits of women in leadership cannot be overstated. But doing good work does not go far enough to get women noticed for management positions. 

In the U.S., women are starting their careers from behind and are forever trying to catch up. Not only are women underrepresented at the top, but they are underrepresented at every level of management. 

With today’s emphasis on flexible work arrangements, a significant factor for success is now in place for women to thrive as leaders. Nevertheless, many unique challenges prevail— lack of mentors, access to promotable positions, and gender-influenced perceptions of leadership, to name a few.   

One way to help yourself get ahead in your career is to take control of your skills through professional training. By skilling up or even reskilling, you can train for any (perceived) deficiencies and, ultimately, be measured by the same leadership skill standards. 

Here are 7 courses you need as a woman to practice new leadership skills and build your confidence to prepare for future opportunities.

1.  Certificate in Leadership for Women in Business

This self-paced online certificate program from Project Management Experts offers a general introduction to topics like leadership, management, communication, work-life balance, networking, negotiation, and body language. All tailored to the specific challenges of women in business.

2.  Women Leaders and Powerful Communication

Some women in business are held back by a perception of skills gaps or gender-imposed stereotypes. This course from American Management Association prepares women leaders to lead with the messages they communicate through their words, thoughts, and body language. 

3.  Leadership and Management Skills for Women: Enhanced 2-Day Training

SkillPath offers this 2-day course to help women leaders (and those aspiring to leadership) get out of their own way and gain respect and credibility as managers. Importantly, participants learn how to nurture and highlight— not minimize— the special talents women leaders bring to the table.

4.  Women and Emotional Intelligence - Great Leadership

It’s well-known that Emotional Intelligence is vital to anyone in leadership. Leaders who can effectively self-regulate and tune into the emotions of those around them can better communicate and coach to high performance. This transformational leadership course from Wronski Associates debunks the limiting myths about women and emotions in the workplace and teaches them as strengths. 

5.  Self-Promotion for Women

This course from inclusion experts, Orange Grove Consultants, teaches the invaluable skill of communicating your value to an organization (something women, in particular, tend to have difficulty doing). Topics include: how to increase your visibility, network, and build meaningful relationships to accelerate your career. Walk away from this course with the ability to manage your career and signal your value to employers.

6.  New Generation Leaders; Six Essential Building Blocks for Those who will Shape the Future

Cooperperson Performance Consulting offers this highly-rated foundational leadership course. The teaching builds upon the premise “the more you know, the faster you will grow and the farther you will go” and draws from the experiences, examples, and training of other leaders. You will be equipped with the essentials you need to master any challenge and thrive.  

7.  The Art of Managing Up 

Managing up may be the most valuable soft skill you need to advance your career. More than just networking, this course from CEG gives you strategies for developing connections and building more than rapport; how to quickly assess situations and determine which actions will move things forward.

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Last updated: 03 Nov 2022

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