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Developing Web Applications Using AngularJS
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Hands on Technical Training (HOTT)
This course introduces AngularJS 1.x. Students interested in Angular versions 2 through 6 should take the Developing Web Applications Using...
  • Professional Course
  • 4 days
  • From 2,295 USD
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  • Classroom, E-learning
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What is Angular Training?


Angular is a JavaScript framework that helps developers build applications. It was created to simplify and reduce the coding required to support data management, forms validation and handling, network requests, navigation and other web development tasks. Angular combines declarative templates, dependency injection, end to end tooling, and integrated best practices to solve development challenges.

By finding and completing a course on angular training you will learn how to build responsive, enterprise-strength applications that run smoothly on desktop and mobile devices.

Angular is a good choice when you want a single page app, flexibility of the front end and ultimate separation of both front and back end.

Angular JS

Angular JS is a powerful client-side JavaScript MVC framework from Google that supports simple, maintainable, responsive and modular Rich Internet Applications. It supports automatic bi-directional data binding to and from JavaScript model objects, form controllers, and validation. It’s often used in the RIA JS developer community. If you are writing an SPA style application or need to do many complex DOM manipulations, Angular JS will be a framework of choice.

Angular is consistently one of the top two frameworks for web app development, so investing in some angular training is a great addition to your skill set!

Angular Training Courses

Whether you are looking for an introduction to angular training or something more comprehensive, you can be sure to find your perfect course here, whether it’s for training in Angular 4, Angular 5 or Angular JS.

In a regular angular training course, you might cover:

  • Create device-independent Angular applications
  • Develop Components using TypeScript, Templates, and Decorators
  • Consume REST services using Observables
  • Modularize applications with the Component Router
  • Capture and validate input with template-driven forms

In an Angular JS training course, some topics you might cover include:

  • Introduction to Angular JS
  • Single-page applications
  • Angular Modules
  • Model View Controller
  • Expressions

It is usually a requirement of many angular training courses that attendees must have substantial prior experience developing with JavaScript. Some courses also have additional requirements such as knowledge of HTML/CSS. Check the prerequisites in each course before applying.

Formats of Angular Training

Classroom learning

If you are looking for live teaching and hands-on learning, you can find angular training courses that last from two to five days from various providers in the form of a lecture and lab. This is a great option for those who benefit from face-to-face instruction and group discussions.

Online learning

To fit in with existing work and life commitments, online training options are also available. Course lengths and prices vary. Some offer discounts when applying early so schedule your training as early in advance as possible!

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