Qualities to Consider Before You Hire an Angular Team

Are you hiring to build an angular team? In this article, we cover the hard and soft skills that you should look for in potential members of any angular team!

This is a guest post by Geordie Wardman, owner of OneStopDevShop.

Angular is an open-source TypeScript framework used for web development, mobile and e-commerce apps. Some well-known organizations that use Angular include Nike, PayPal, Netflix, HBO, Sony, etc. Angular enables a developer to build single-page apps via programming languages like JavaScript, TypeScript, and Dart.

However, developers recommend TypeScript as it has regular updates, gets a lot of community support, and provides excellent documentation. Google developed angular back in 2010 and is responsible for its maintenance. Angular is browser and client-based and holds no communication with servers for HTML reloads.

What to Look for in an Angular Team

Hiring an Angular team for your project is no mean feat. You should carefully vet each individual to make sure you hire the right people. The right team needs to have technical and soft skills. The wrong team will cost your project dearly in terms of finances, time, and effort.

Technical Qualities

1. Knowledge of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML

The potential hires should be well versed in JS(JavaScript)framework, CSS, and HTML. They should also be conversant with various concepts like component communication and or data binding. Having familiarity with User Experience (UX) concepts, interactions, and element positioning also comes in handy.

2. Web Pack and Node Knowledge

Web pack and Node knowledge include the ability to add features to Angular, making development projects easier. Developers who possess this skill have a better competitive edge compared to those who do not.

3. Familiarity with The Angular Framework

The developers you hire must have thorough familiarity with the Angular framework and other related concepts. The Angular framework, as mentioned, has regular updates. The team must also be familiar with RXJS, npm, Git Able and able to translate front-end from wireframe.

Soft Skills

Hiring an Angular team with all the required technical knowledge is highly beneficial to your project. The engaged team has to work together, and technical skills are not enough to complete the team. The soft skills angle comes in handy to ensure the team works seamlessly to deliver a fantastic software product. Some of these skills are:

4. Communication Skills

The hires must possess top-notch communication skills that will come in handy when communicating with team members. An inborn intuition will allow the developers to assess what is needed in a mobile or web application. In addition, being conversant with Search Engine Best Practices (SEO) best practices and a thorough understanding of the app allows them to answer any questions about it.

5. Detail-oriented

The right candidate must be highly detail-oriented. This attention to detail ensures the developer can notice minor code errors and save the project a lot of time doing code reviews.

6. Team Players

Team player skills allow the developer to liaise with team members during a project successfully. A software development project needs a lot of communication between the developers, and a team player spirit makes the project move faster, with everyone playing their part.

7. Experience

You can pick a team from one of three categories.

  • Basic: These programmers possess front-end development skills like CSS, HTML, JS, Angular JS, and Angular. They understand libraries like NGX Bootstrap, Angular components, Prime BG, among others.
  • Mid-level: These coders possess front-end developer skills (React) and back-end developer skills like RESTful API and Node.js.
  • Senior: They have long-term experience in front and back-end development.


Hiring a team for Angular developers is not only about the technical skills they possess. You may hire top students from an Ivy-league school with the best technical skills but zero soft skills. Top grades mean they will write excellent code for your software project, but none will want to take instructions from the other. Communication skills and team playing come in handy in such situations. Their experience also dictates who will do what.

The developers will each bring something to the table, and they can quickly brainstorm and make a stronger team. Before hiring any team, look at both what they can do, how they do it, and how they relate with others in a team.

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