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Staffing and Recruiting Training Courses

An effective business plan begins with hiring the right people for the job. Staffing and recruiting is an important aspect of any organization, so it is essential that those in charge of overseeing the hiring and managing processes are experienced and have advanced knowledge in everything from interview techniques to employee retention.

Take a look at these staffing and recruiting training courses and use the information request forms to get in touch directly with providers to learn more.

Human capital is an organization's greatest asset. ATD professional development courses provide the continuous skills development that is crucial to the prolonged success of an organization.

Courses are available for all roles, from leadership to human resources.

ATD learning management courses work to develop human resources and L&D professionals' ability to effectively empower others.

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The Fine Balance of Sourcing vs. Recruiting
Lorman Education Services
1.5 hours
209 USD
Is your company better off sourcing or recruiting? Learn how an understanding of the recruiting process can lead to a...
Higher Expectations
SalesLeadership, Inc.
0.5 days
United States of America
Hiring is one of the most challenging and most important decisions in increasing growth. According to studies, the impact of...
Job Benchmarking and Talent Management
Inquire for details
United States of America
KerrHill's expert onsite consulting is designed to help organizations forge a strong and effective recruitment process that secures lasting and...
The Art of Hiring Smart
Employers Edge
2 hours
95 USD
An organizations success is dependent on hiring the best and most talented workforce. According to the Harvard Business review, this...
Hiring for Success: Behavioural Interviewing Techniques
Mainstream Corporate Training
2 days
This two-day Hiring for Success: Behavioural Interviewing Techniques allows participants to refine their interviewing techniques to ensure that they select the...
Audition: Selection and Job Fit
This professional development course by BTS is aimed at participants who's responsibilities lie in recruitment and will develop behavioral interviewing,...
Managing Your Executive and Political Resources
Hemsley Fraser
3 days
1,200 USD
Washington D.C.
This introductory course introduces participants to executive resources management including SES, SL, and ST positions in the Federal government. The...
Interviewing Best Practices
4 hours
United States of America
The impact of a bad hire can be significant for a company. This short course from Excelerant helps leaders adopt...
New York Prevailing Wage Update
Lorman Education Services
1.5 hours
199 USD
Are you in compliance with New York’s prevailing wage law? Complying with New York’s prevailing wage law can be complicated,...
More Than a Gut Feeling IV
This course is an updated version of this best selling eLearning course that was created to help participants learn behavior-based interviewing...
Onboarding: The Essential Rules for a Successful Onboarding Program
Mainstream Corporate Training
2 days
This two-day Onboarding: The Essential Rules for a Successful Onboarding Program equips participants with valuable knowledge to help ensure employee retention....
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Displaying 1-11 of 11 results

How Staffing & Recruiting Fits into Human Resource

Recruitment, development, and retention of employees are the main responsibilities of human resource management. Making sure the right people are hired for the job is of vital importance to an organization, as mistakes in this area can be costly, not only in terms of money but in time and resources, as well. Therefore, it is valuable for an organization to ensure that those who are directly involved in these processes are well trained. Staffing and recruiting training courses are an effective and efficient supplement for your needs.

Staffing and Recruiting Skills Training Opportunities

Since hiring and maintaining reliable and qualified employees is integral to the functioning of an organization, investing in training and courses around staffing & recruiting is of great benefit and importance. Professional Staffing & Recruiting courses are presented in a variety of ways to suit your requirements and availability.

Recruitment Training Process Courses

Training around the initial stages of recruitment is available for individuals looking to concentrate on strengthening the hiring process. These staffing and recruiting courses generally explore areas such as:

  • Job and position analyses
  • Job advertising
  • Screening applications
  • The interview process and interview skills
  • Reference checking

Courses covering the training process also touch on important topics such as human rights and law, selecting the right candidates, and hiring and bringing employees onboard.

Human Resource Management Training Courses

Once the employee is signed on, it is the HR manager’s role to see that the staff is well-cared for and want to stay on. Within the first 18 months staff commonly decide whether or not to leave a their new position, so so it is of utmost important that the HR staff is attentive and qualified. Staffing and recruitment training courses in this area generally focus around the following concepts:

  • Learning, development and training of staff
  • Maintaining employee satisfaction
  • Retaining employees
  • Team building and social events

Developing your skills in these areas through staffing and recruiting training courses will ensure that you are knowledgeable and confident when it comes to advertising a job, selecting the right people, and making sure they want to stay on with the organization.

Staffing and Recruiting Training Courses

Individuals that frequently utilize staffing and recruiting training courses include human resource staff members, managers, directors, recruitment managers, or anyone involved in the process of hiring and maintaining staff. Courses are offered both online and on-site. If you are looking to train your staff on staffing and recruiting, browse through the on-site/company specific courses. For those that are looking for flexibility with course schedule, check out the online courses.