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What is HTML and CSS Training?

HMTL (HyperText Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), are the tools used to work as a front-end web developer. The former creates the content of pages, such as the written text, while the latter is a presentation language which styles the colour, font and general appearance. HMTL5 is the current iteration of HTML on the web, whereas CSS3 is the current iteration of CSS. HTML and CSS represent the core languages of the web, so for anyone wanting to work on the user experience of a website, HTML and CSS Training is for you!

Typical occupations you might have with this knowledge include being a Front End Developer, Web Designer or UI/UX Designer.

Game development also relies on these languages so if you are looking to develop these skills, you will also find relevant courses here. JavaScript may be a prerequisite to complete this training, as this is the language needed to integrate animations and interactivity.   

HTML and CSS Training Courses

On findcourses.com, search and compare for your needs, from an HTML crash course lasting one day, to a five day comprehensive training program.  

On a typical HTML/CSS training course, some topics you might learn include:

  • convert digital design mockups into static web pages.
  • approach page layout
  • break down a design mockup into page elements
  • implement that in HTML and CSS.
  • utilize responsive design techniques, used heavily for mobile devices and TV screens

If a standard HTML/CSS training course doesn’t suit you, you might be interested in a gaming course. One course, for example, simply involves playing and personalizing the online game 2048. So you can play and learn at the same time!

For game development courses, you might come across these topics:

  • Optional HTML/Javascript crash course
  • Introduction to Canvas rendering
  • Atlases
  • Map rendering
  • Basic Input, handling events

Course requirements vary across all HTML and CSS Training Courses. While some require no experience, others may require some basic knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS Web Development. These are sometimes offered at a discounted or free rate, however, so check carefully! Other courses also offer free trials; perfect for getting you started with no commitments!

Formats of HTML and CSS Training

Classroom learning

Learning in the classroom is great for those who enjoy live teaching and benefit from group discussions. This training is offered in courses lasting two to five days. Course prices and locations vary.

Online learning

For those who want to fit training around their current commitments, on-line learning might be just the thing. Complete learning in your own time with an HTML or CSS Training course to suit you. Some courses are even free!

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