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About .NET Training

.NET is a free, open-source software development platform generally used to develop applications for Microsoft Windows. .NET is popular for many reasons, but key among these is it's versatility. It takes time to learn to use a platform, so the more you can use one for, the more worthwhile it is to learn. For example, .NET can be used to write:

  • Desktop apps
  • Web applications
  • Background services
  • Mobile apps

.Net along with Visual Studio and C# has been listed as a skill area that is not only in high demand among employers, but also quickly growing in demand. If you are looking for a new skill to develop, you can't go wrong.

Those looking to learn or improve their skills in .NET can choose between a number of top .NET training courses listed above from expert providers.

About Visual Studio Training

Visual Studio is an intregrated development environment developed by Microsoft. Using Visual Studio, professionals can develop:

  • Computer programs
  • Web sites
  • Web apps
  • Web services
  • Mobile apps

Visual Studio supports coding in over 36 programming languages and includes a debugger, code editor, and designer. Why are Visual Studio and .Net training categorized together? They are frequently used together and many of the best training courses will teach you to use both!

About C# Training

C# (C Sharp) is a general-purpose object-oriented programming language developed for use within the .NET initiative. Like .NET and Visual Studio, C# was developed by Microsoft. This combination of environment, platform, and language were created to complement one another and are, therefore, commonly used together.

C# training will generally include, at some level, mention of .NET and Visual Studio. In fact many of the training courses above teach you to use all three together in order to develop applications.

Who Should Take .NET, Visual Studio, and C# Training?

The training courses above are intended for developers wishing to learn to develop various applications using .NET, Visual Studio, and/or C#. These courses are available at a range of levels, making them suitable for junior or senior developers with a range of backgrounds. In addition, they are available for those who already work with .NET, Visual Studio, and C#, but need to learn the newest developments or advanced skills.

Learn more about the target audience of each course on the course page and contact the course provider directly if you have more questions!

Formats of Top .NET / Visual Studio / C# Training

Training courses in .NET, Visual Studio, and C# come in a range of formats. These professional development courses are generally short in duration meaning that the time commitment is minimal. However, because you won't spend too long in the course, ensure that you have some use for new skills directly after finishing so that you remember the skills that you will learn.

Because individuals, either of their own volition or through their company, are usually the targets of these courses, most training in .Net, Visual Studio, and C# is available as either classroom or online training.

Classroom training takes place at a preset location and time and is led by a subject matter expert. In this format, participants can receive personal guidance and have questions answered in real-time. Some classroom C#, .NET, and Visual Studio training even includes access to online training tools for later use.

Purely online training is convenient for those who either lack the time to travel to a training course or don't live close to one. Online C# training lets you study where and when you want.

C# Certification Training

Many employers hiring developers are more impressed by experience and former projects than education. However, don't disregard the potential benefits of C# certification.

For example, if you are new to C# programming, then it's hard to sell yourself on experience, and you may not have a strong portfolio on hand. However, if you have earned a well-known certification, like those available from Microsoft, then potential employers can be sure that you have a certain amount of knowledge in C# programming.

Browse C# certification courses below to get a step up in your career!

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