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C and C++ Programming

Developed in the 1970's, C quickly became one of the world's most widely-used programming languages. This is largely in part due to its ease of use across platforms and and its minimal run-time support requirements. C is used in everything from developing program systems to implementing operating systems, embedded system applications and in-website programming as a gate between the web application, server, and browser.

C++ was developed by Bjarne Stroustrup in 1985, who wanted a language with the efficiency and flexibility of C that could also be used for program organization. The name C++ was chosen to show that the language is an improved version of C.

Career Prospects for Programmers

There is a growing need for specialists and expert computer programmers. Whether it’s a fast growing IT firm or pharmaceutical corporation, programmers can always find jobs because of their specific technical skills. Some of the most common positions that these professionals can take on are in software development, computer engineering, web development, and computer science. Coding, programming, and app development are key product development areas for many firms looking to advance their technological assets.

Because C and C++ are such widely-used languages, many programmers choose to broaden their employment opportunities and skills by learning one or both. A C and C++ course will help developers fast-track their knowledge of these languages and broaden their career opportunities.

What Will You Learn in C and C++ Courses?

C and C++ courses are usually offered at different skill levels and different specializations depending on the candidates’ previous knowledge and experience. An introductory course is ideal for those just getting started in either of these languages. Advanced courses are also widely available for those who want to level up their knowledge and really make the most of these languages. There is also a subset of courses for those who already know another language. For example, a C programmer looking to learn C++ might take a course titled 'C++ Programming for C Programmers.'

Browse and click on the C and C++ courses above for more specific information about what you can learn in each one. 

Formats of C and C++ Training Courses

C and C++ training courses are usually delivered in a classroom, online, or as a blend of both. Classroom courses are delivered at a preset location and time and led by a professional instructor. This format is a great option for professionals who prefer to learn in person and want the opportunity to network with others in the profession whilst benefiting from the support of an expert instructor. Online C and C++ training is arguably a more flexible option as professionals can study when and where they want at their own convenience.

A growing training trend is blended training that combines classroom lecture time with online self-practice. This option offers the best of both worlds in terms of depth of knowledge and flexibility.

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