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Software Development vs. Web Development

Although software developers and web developers go hand-in-hand, there are some minor differences between the two that are useful to have in mind when choosing your training. Software development refers to the design, construction and management of software and applications. Another term that is often used to describe a software developer is a 'software engineer'. Software engineers have a well established knowledge of the engineering principles that are used in all stages of the website and platform development process. 

The fundamental difference between software and web developers is that web developers tend to work solely with websites and are not involved in the 'back end' building and maintenance process. Web developers tend to focus on the 'front end', and their interfaces are what the user sees first when they access a web app or site. The work of the software developer or engineer is less visible, but they have the sometimes more challenging task of providing and maintaining everything that functions on the back end. 

You can choose from a broad selection of software developer training and web development training. Courses are available in a variety of delivery methods for those who are either new to the sector or are looking to boost their pre-existing software and web development skills.

Software and Web Development Training 

Software and web development training is growing in popularity. As a result, there are a variety of courses with different training content available to interested candidates. Software development courses tend to focus on programming, general software development, software design, coding, and maintenance. Many software development courses require their participants to have a background in computer science or software engineering. 

There are also courses that focus on designing and the visual development of platforms, incorporating graphic design into the training program. Most sofware training and web development training courses offer a certification or diploma upon completion as well. 

Course Format

Software and web development training is offered in a couple of different formats, but is most commonly taken online. Online training courses are growing in popularity due to their flexibility. With online software training participants can participate when it best suits their schedule and can review course material whenever they want to. 

The next most used training format is classroom/public. With open classroom courses, interested candidates can browse by location, length and price to find the best course to suit their needs. In addition, learners will benefit from an expert instructor, group collaboration, hands-on experience and the ability to ask questions. 

The final course format available is in-house training. In-house training is not as common as online and classroom courses when it comes to software and web development training, but it is still offered by some providers in select locations. With in-house training, the instructor will come directly to your location and will format the training to meet your individual needs. This method is the best option if your looking to train multiple people at one time. 

Benefits of Software and Web Development Training

Undergoing software and web development training is the best way to start your new career or develop your current skills in web development. In addition, having a certificate or diploma from an accredited course can help you stand-out from other candidates when searching for a job. Don't wait any longer and get started creating and designing websites today!

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