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What is Software Testing?

It’s a common misconception to think software testing is about finding bugs and fixing existing problems, because it’s actually about so much more than that. Software testing is about being proactive and rigorous in finding and eliminating possible problems in your software that would negatively impact your customers.

As you can imagine, this is a big task, but it’s a vital part of risk management and quality assurance. Many disastrous incidents have occurred due to a lack of scrupulous software testing, that caused big expenses, heavy losses and even major accidents.

This is why investing in software testing training courses is so important. Obtaining a software testing certification could also help you to reach a recognized standard and stand out from the crowd.

Software Testing Courses

Software testing training courses are an excellent way to equip yourself with software testing skills, whether it’s the fundamental techniques you need, or something more advanced.

For those who new to software testing, there are broad introductory courses which cover a range of topics including:

  • Object Oriented Development
  • The Java Language and Architecture
  • Java Structured Code
  • Testing Exception Handling
  • Test Driven Development

    For software engineers and developers with greater management responsibilities, you will also find software testing training aimed at improving your ability to plan and incorporate effective opportunities to identify and mitigate risks within your testing and development cycle. Concepts and techniques are all taught through hands-on activities using real-life world examples, and topics include:

    • Test prioritization: timelines and budgets
    • Developing the master test plan and developing specific subtest plans
    • Scheduling based on resources and development progress
    • Developing test cases – planning for reuse
    • Test design and test cases reviews and evaluation

    Software Testing Certification

    Software testing skills are usually procured as a by-product of general software developing experience. It is therefore quite unusual to have accrued any formal software testing credentials through a standard route. By obtaining software testing certification you can validate your expertise in knowing the techniques and practices involved in software testing as well as your ability to preempt and mitigate risks.

    Some certification opportunities are accompanied by bootcamp courses, such as the ISTQB™ Certified Tester – Foundation Level certification exam, which is independently administered by the American Software Testing Qualifications Board, Inc. (ASTQB). There are also plenty of other providers who offer a range of different certifications to suit your experience and requirements.

    Formats of Software Testing Courses and Certifications

    Classroom learning

    For those who prefer live teaching and group settings, classroom courses are offered in various locations for various prices, in courses lasting from one to five days.

    Online learning

    In the field of software testing, there are of course many opportunities to study and complete certification online. Course lengths and prices vary. Online training is a great way to manage your life around study and professional development.  

    On-site training

    If you are looking for software testing training for your company, on-site training might be the answer. Instructors can come and train multiple employees at the same time, to get everyone at the same level of software testing knowledge and certification.

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