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Professional Training Courses in Python Programming

Python Programming training courses

Professional Training for Python Programming

Python programming is a high-end computer programming language used in code readability procedures in various IT firms and technology companies. Owing to its widespread usage in the recent years, many training institutes and universities have included them in their curriculum and flagship programs.

Professionals with varied experiences in IT and software development companies will find these courses and certifications useful for attaining rewarding careers in the sectors.

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Python for Analytics - Online Course
The Institute for Statistics Education
4 weeks
549 USD
Python is a powerful programming language that is easy to learn and fast to code. It is rapidly becoming the...
Social Data Mining with Python - Online Course
The Institute for Statistics Education
4 weeks
549 USD
Over one billion people interact via Facebook and twitter publishes half a billion tweets everyday. This course focuses on using Python...
Python Programming Introduction
Learning Tree International
4 days
2,990 USD
Multiple (5)
You Will Learn How To Rapidly develop feature rich applications from Python's built in statements, functions, and collection types Structure...
Python Programming
Hands On Technology Transfer, Inc (HOTT)
5 days
2,135 USD
Multiple (119)
For individuals wishing to learn to use the Python programming language quickly, this classroom course will provide a framework and...
20743 Upgrading Your Skills to Windows Server 2016 MCSA
New Horizons Computer Learning Centers
5 days
2,199 USD
Multiple (128)
This course explains how to implement & configure new Windows Server 2016 features. This course is for IT professionals who...
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Displaying 1-5 of 5 results

More about Professional Training Courses in Python Programming

What is Python programming?

This language has been used by programmers for a variety of function building and app development software because of its flexibility to programmers there being fewer codes and languages. The language allows programmers to use it in large and small scales softwares alike. Different programming paradigms such as object-oriented, imperative and functional programming styles make use of the python programming language. Python programming language has been used across many industries in the software and IT sector. Some of its major implementations include Unladen Swallow with Google in 2009 and Psyco (both in CPython). Recently, Nokia released a Python interpreter for one of its series 60 mobiles. Some of the giant organizations using Python are Google, Yahoo!, CERN and NASA.

Python Courses and Career Prospects

Programming being a high technical subject attracts a lot of professionals with backgrounds in science and IT. The demand for programmers and professionals with similar backgrounds is increasing rapidly owing to the fast paced and tech-savvy nature of rising businesses. Realizing this need, a lot of universities and training institutes are providing program language courses in specific areas. These courses are designed for professionals with varied experiences and level of skills such as beginners, advanced and intermediate learners. Some of the important contents covered here are:

  •         Why programming
  •         Variables and expressions
  •         Conditional code
  •         Functions
  •         Loops and iteration
  •         Strings
  •         Files and lists
  •         Tuples
  •         Regular expressions

Candidates will be taken through a variety of programming specifications in Python language and will be updated on the recent advancements in the programming language and its functions. The courses are usually provided in traditional classroom settings, including workshops and seminars on latest advancements. Some corporate houses and IT companies hire in-house training facilities to train their employees with the company-specific requirements in the programming language. Online resources are made available for interested professionals who find it hard to maintain a balance between career and academic education.

Professionals with these qualifications are usually in demand in the major telecommunication and IT-focused companies who hire computer engineers, IT programmers, game and web app developers throughout the year.

Benefits of Python Programming

Programming has always been a very demanding subject in the recent years owing to its usage across various economic sectors in all countries. Candidates with such certifications will find these certifications especially useful to diverge into various careers and professions. Some of the important skills one will be gaining from these are:

  •         Developing, testing and training programs
  •         Developing web-based information systems
  •         Creating technical programs
  •         Performing all activities necessary for defining and designing programs
  •         Reviewing programs and modifying sequence

Professionals who want to further their careers in IT, gain in-depth insight into programming and learning different languages, will find these certifications especially useful.