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Flexible Training for Aspiring and Current Tech Professionals from Udacity

Udacity offers a range of courses for the tech industry, designed with both current and aspiring professionals. The tech industry moves fast and keeping up means constantly refreshing your knowledge and sharpening talents. 

  • Data Science
  • Web Development
  • Software Engineering
  • Android
  • Georgia Tech Masters in CS

Accreditation that Makes the Difference

Udacity partners with leading technology universities and companies to provide learners with the most effective and up-to-date approaches to coding. Through the "Open Education Alliance"; Udacity works closely with leading organizations in order to bridge the gap between what universities teach and what employers actually need. Udacity programs are built in cooperation with companies such as Google, Autodesk, Intuit, Nvidia and more. Earn certification sanctioned by exactly the kinds of companies you'd hope to work with.

Non-Tech Classes

Top 20 Training Company

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Professional Course
Business and Management Length Price Location Reviews
How to Build a Startup 24 hours Online
Computer Skills
Applied Cryptography 48 hours Online
Data Analysis
Data Analysis with R 48 hours Online
Data Wrangling with MongoDB 48 hours Online
Introduction to Algorithms 48 hours Online
Introduction to Data Science 48 hours Online
Introduction to Descriptive Statistics 48 hours Online
Introduction to Inferential Statistics 48 hours Online
Introduction to Statistics 48 hours Online
Introduction to the Design of Everyday Things 12 hours Online
Interactive 3D Graphics 48 hours Online
Web Design
UX Design for Mobile Developers 24 hours Online
Website Performance Optimization 24 hours Online
Functional Hardware Verification 48 hours Online
Machine Learning: Reinforcement Learning 24 hours Online
Machine Learning: Supervised Learning 48 hours Online
Machine Learning: Unsupervised Learning 24 hours Online
Data Storage and Management
Introduction to Hadoop and MapReduce 24 hours Online
Computer Networking 72 hours Online
Software / Web Development
Design of Computer Programs 48 hours Online
How to Use Git and GitHub 18 hours Online
Introduction to Parallel Programming 72 hours Online
Introduction to Theoretical Computer Science 48 hours Online
Programming Languages 72 hours Online
Software Debugging 48 hours Online
Software Development Life Cycles 48 hours From 0 USD Online
Web Development 24 hours Online
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence for Robotics 48 hours Online
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence 96 hours Online
HTML5 Game Development 48 hours Online
Introduction to HTML and CSS 18 hours Online
Make Your Own 2048 1 day Online
Introduction to Java Programming 96 hours Online
JavaScript Basics 18 hours Online
Object-Oriented JavaScript 24 hours Online
Mobile App Development
Developing Android Apps 48 hours Online
Developing Scalable Apps with Java 36 hours Online
Introduction to Point & Click App Development 24 hours Online
Mobile Web Development 24 hours Online
Differential Equations in Action 48 hours Online
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  • = Beginner level

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