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What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an area of computer science that aims to create systems that can function independently and intelligently, like a human. These computers exhibit machine intelligence, as opposed to natural intelligence.

AI relies on both symbolic learning, which is symbolic-based and Machine Learning, which is data-based.

Symbolic learning is related to image processing (visual recognition) and informs computer vision (sight processing) and robotics (movement).

Machine Learning uses pattern recognition and relates to statistical learning and deep learning. Statistical learning informs speech recognition and natural language processing. Deep learning relates to the field of neural networks, and informs the existence of a convoluted neural network which helps with object recognition, and a recurrent neural network, which deals with memory.  

In these various ways, developers are slowly being able to make improvements to robots to match them as closely as they can to humans and make them as capable as possible.

Artificial Intelligence Courses

Here at findcourses.com, you can choose from both introductory artificial intelligence courses and more advanced and specific ones.

In an introductory course, learners will gain the basics of artificial intelligence, including:  

  • Machine learning
  • Robotics
  • Computer vision
  • Probabilistic reasoning
  • Computer vision
  • Natural language processing

In more specific courses, you will get more insight into a particular area of AI. A deep learning course, for example, might focus on:

  • Understanding the basic concepts underlying the representations and methods in deep learning
  • Seeing some applications where deep learning is most effective
  • Gaining an appreciation of what kind of problems are most suited for this field and current research trends

Who Are Artificial Intelligence Courses Aimed At?

There is a wide choice of artificial intelligence courses available with different prerequisites, and they would suit anyone in a related field, such as software developers and engineers, statisticians, data scientists and technical managers.

Some introductory courses are designed for anyone with an interest in AI, but require some understanding of programming and experience with certain programming languages and concepts such as Python and linear algebra. Others explicitly require a solid understanding of concepts such as probability theory.

Please check course requirements carefully before applying.

Formats of Artificial Intelligence Courses

Classroom learning

One option for your artificial intelligence course is to go back to the classroom and learn with a live teacher surrounded by your peers. This type of training makes for a great learning experience where you can get inspired by others and work together to find solutions creatively. Course lengths and prices vary so search and compare courses at findcourses.com to find your artificial intelligence seminar!

Online learning

For those who like to fit training around their lives and learn in their own time, online learning is the perfect option. Some online artificial intelligence courses also provide live webinars so you can still have interaction with others while completing your course. Homework and project assignments also keep the learning interactive and interesting.

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