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More about Portland

Portland has gained a fair amount of notoriety in recent years. The city truly is a special place: home to a great number of micro-breweries, craft coffee roasters , food carts and a sizable population of fairly quirky inhabitants.

In addition to its undeniable special-ness Portland is still very much “down to business”. If anything, the level of creative thinking present here supports and bolsters professional endeavours to create an innovative business environment that could really only exist in Portland. Search for innovative professional development training in Portland, OR.

“The Greenest City in America” – Renewable Energy Training

Portland can be found towards the top of many lists for the top ten ”cities to live in”, “best cities to retire in”, etc. A large part of the reason for these accolades is the comprehensive city planning and steps towards the production of green energy that Portland has taken over the years. It has been identified by multiple publications as the “Greenest City in the US”. More than half of the power used in Portland comes from renewable resources, a significant percentage of the population utilizes public transportation and active commuting (such as running and biking), and the city is peppered with more than 35 buildings approved by the U.S. Green Building Council.

Unsurprisingly, Portland is also home to a host of energy training course. Energy training in Portland is widely attended by professionals living in the city, but can also be attended by travelers who want to attend the course and then see the principles in action in the surrounding environment.

Business and Marketing Training in Portland, OR

Portland has a bustling downtown business district with a professional and business services industry that is growing all the time. To serve this industry a wide range of courses in business-related topics, such as business and management, marketing, leadership, and sales have sprung up to serve professionals in the city. Search for scheduled classroom courses and in-house training providers that are willing to travel to offer training in Portland.

IT Training in Portland

Not to be out shadowed by Silicon Valley to the south and the formidable tech presence to the north in and around Seattle, the Portland metro boasts over twelve hundred technological companies. Several important companies for both computer manufacturing and IT design and multimedia are based here. With the quickly moving speed of technology, IT professionals work hard to keep up with the pace of technology. IT training in Portland covers every aspect of the profession, including certification. Search for training above to keep your skills current.

Portland: A Crucial Location for the Shipping Industry

Portland plays an important role in the movement of goods. With several large marine shipping facilities, two major rail lines and a large trucking industry hub goods are moving in and out of Portland all the time. The shipping industry, in particular, has been crucial in the growth of the city not just in terms of the direct, professional occupations it creates but the resultant international presence. This makes Portland the ideal place for professional development and training programs not only in logistics and transportation and supply chain. Search for training in Portland on this topics to perform at the highest possible level.

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