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More About Georgia

The state of Georgia has gone through many transitions in its vast and dense history including several battles, shifts in land ownership, and five capital changes. Has interesting is its past, the modern Georgia is built on a thriving economy and diverse population. The top industries in the area are textiles, mining, agriculture and technology and the city serves as a headquarter for 1,700 international facilities. The state has a lot to offer in terms of livability as well- the state has over 50 state parks and many historic neighborhoods to live in. Training in Georgia could help you take advantage of all the state has to offer, both professionally and personally.  

Industries of Prominence in Georgia

Georgia has become a booming epi-center for many businesses who take advantage of the diversified economy and the talent the busy city draws in. The local Atlanta International airport is the busiest in the world and provides a gateway to the rest of the world. Georgia is widely known for its eminence in several industries, are textiles, mining, agriculture and technology. Agriculturally, Georgia is known as the top pecan producer in the world and a major contributor of the production of additional crops including peanuts, soybeans, and corn. Georgia also produces large amounts of blueberries, ranking fifth overall in the United States. Further agricultural outputs from the state of Georgia include the world famous “Georgia Peaches”, eggs, timber, and tobacco. The strong agriculture economy provides many jobs and opportunities for growth in many capacities for business professionals. Professional training in Georgia takes advantage of the wealth of opportunities available to people in area.

Another large industry in Georgia is the tourism industry, which drives almost 55 billion dollars into the state’s economy each year. Tourists flock to the state of Georgia each year for these attractions and to take in the natural beauty of the state, which includes mountains, beaches, waterfalls, hiking trails, canyons, forests, vineyards, and historical landmarks. Major tourist attractions include the World of Coke, an exhibition featuring the history of Coca-Cola; the historical districts of The City of Savannah; and the Golden Isles, a group of barrier islands including beaches, resorts, and golf courses.

Business and Finance in Georgia

The state of Georgia is now home to 15 Fortune 500 companies and 26 Fortune 1000 companies. With these major corporations and access to some of the best transportation opportunities in the country, it is no surprise at the rapid and steady growth of the business and finance sectors in the state of Georgia. With Atlanta as the capital and often called the ‘World City’, there is no lack of opportunity in the region. If you seek to develop or gain new skills in the business and finance industries, explore professional training in Georgia.