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Security+ - The Essential Entry Level IT Certification

If you work in IT, a strong foundation in cybersecurity may be the most important skill you have. After all more and more sensitive data is being stored digitally every day and companies are more aware than ever of the importance of keeping this data safe and secure.

By earning CompTIA's Security plus certification, you will show current or future employers that you have a strong foundation in cybersecurity - whether you are working directly with security and risk management or in a wider IT role.

Because Security+, like all CompTIA certifications, is vendor-neutral, this certification will prepare you to identify and address threats, attacks, and vulnerabilities on a wide range of systems and set-ups.

What do you Need to Pass the Security Plus Certification?

Because it is a respected certification, passing the Security plus exam requires you to demonstrate some real cybersecurity knowledge and abilities. In fact, CompTIA suggests that you have two years of experience in IT administration with a focus on security before you even attempt it. They also suggest that you have previously earned the Network+ Certification

While it is not required, CompTIA Security+ training is a great way of ensuring that you have all of the skills necessary before taking the exam. This is true for both individuals who have the suggested experience and those who may be a bit short of CompTIA's recommendations.

Security+ certification levels the playing field by ensuring that you have the specific knowledge that you will need to succeed on the exam.

What Will You Learn in CompTIA Security+ Training?

The exact content of a Security plus training course will vary based on the training provider. However the goal of all of these courses is to help you pass the exam on the first try. Therefore, they will all cover the core skills that are included on the exam. These are:

  • Threats, attacks, and vulnerabilities - Detect any compromises with an understanding of penetration testing and vulnerability scanning.
  • Technologies and tools - Know how to install, deploy, and configure networks while at the same time assessing and troubleshooting any potential threats to organizational security
  • Architecture and design - The ability to design and implement secure network architecture and systems
  • Identity and access management - Configure and install secure access and identity services and management controls
  • Risk management - Understand and be prepared to implement the best practices of risk management and it's business impact
  • Cryptography and PKI - Configure and install wireless security settings and public key infrastructure

comptia security+ training

Structure of CompTIA Security+ Training

CompTIA Security+ training courses can either be short and intense, or spread out over a longer period at your own pace. 

As classroom courses must be at a set time and location, they are always of the short and intense variety. In general a classroom Security+ certification course will take between three and nine days to complete.

Online Security+ training options tend to be more flexible. In many cases, these courses can be started at your convenience and you will have up to 12 months of access to the content. This allows you to study on your own time and repeat the modules as many times as it takes to grasp the material.

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