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CompTIA Training and Certifications

Many IT professionals in the US and worldwide have, and are choosing to earn certifications through CompTIA in order to validate their skills. As a company, CompTIA is a leading voice in the IT industry, working to support IT business ranging from the largest vendors to small companies that offer hardware, services, and software. They also work to support the success of individual IT professionals. 

A large part of the resources that they offer is centered around their IT certifications. Because CompTIA is not a software or hardware vendor, their certifications are all vendor-neutral - making them different from many other popular certifying bodies like Cisco and Microsoft.

With the help of the CompTIA training courses above, you gain the knowledge and skills to earn certifications backed by CompTIA. Whether you are looking for greater recognition in your current company, or a change to something new, you will improve your changes with a CompTIA certification. So which should you earn?

A+ Certification

If you are at the beginning or your IT journey, or just want to set the foundation for future CompTIA certifications, you can't go wrong with the A+ certification. This entry-level certification is considered to be proof of a strong IT foundation by many employers today.

Browse A+ certification training and get started in order to ensure that you are prepared for success on the certification exams. Talk to providers about how their courses can help!

Network+ Certification

If you are looking to certify your networking skills, Network+ certification training is a great option. Because this, like all CompTIA certifications, is vendor-neutral, you will learn about networking as it relates to all different types of hardware and protocol.

Before you take the Network+ certification exam, you should have 9-12 months of experience with networking, and have earned the A+ certification. Talk to the providers of courses above to find out how they can help you succeed.

Security+ Certification

Cybersecurity has been a concern ever since hacking and data theft became a possibility. However, as technology spreads and companies realize just how much damage can be done the demand for cybersecurity experts is growing and will continue to grow.

If you are looking to build your IT security skills - and prove that you have them - then you should consider a Security+ certification training course. Security+ is widely respected by employers. Show them that you that you have what it takes!

comptia training

Other CompTIA Training Courses

The certifications listed above are part of CompTIA's core fundamentals range. These are all more entry-level. If you are looking for a higher level CompTIA certification, then keep reading:


Infrastructure certifications prove that you have what it takes to implement and maintain IT infrastructure. CompTIA offers three different infrastructure certifications:

  • Cloud+ - Prove that you have the skills needed to set up, maintain, and utilize cloud technology securely
  • Linux+ - Show that you have all of the skills needed to be a junior-level Linux administrator
  • Server+ - Show that you have the skills and knowledge needed to perform essential tasks on various server platforms

If you are looking for one of these course in particular, just input your keyword into the search bar and filter the results!


Looking to take your cybersecurity skills beyond Security+? CompTIA offers three in-depth cybersecurity training courses to broaden and deepen your skillset:

  • CySa+ - Prove that you can apply behavioral analytics in order to improve the overall state of IT security
  • CASP - Show your advanced skills in critical thinking and judgement across a range of security disciplines and environments
  • PenTest+ - Prove your intermediate skills in penetration testing for network vulnerabilities

Browse these course above, and get in touch with providers to learn more!

Additional CompTIA certifications for IT professionals

Below are three additional certifications that don't fit into any of the categories above:

  • Project+ - CompTIAs project management certification. Show that you can initiate, manage, and finish a project on a deadline and in budget
  • CTT+ - Prove that you have what it takes to teach other IT professionals in the current learning environment
  • Cloud Essentials - Shows your understanding of cloud computing from a wider operational perspective
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