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Why Get Certified with Microsoft?

Microsoft is one of the largest suppliers of computer hardware and software in the world. If you work in IT, it is inevitable that you will be working with Microsoft. For this reason, among others, certifications from Microsoft are some of the most commonly sought by those working in the world of IT.

By taking one of the Microsoft certification training courses above, you will not only gain a great deal of knowledge, but the certification you will earn is proof to many employers that you have the knowledge they need in an employee. While there are other factors that employers look for (like experience) many pay a lot of attention to certifications. They are a great way to give yourself a boost, especially if you are newer to the industry.

Types of Certification Through Microsoft

Because Microsoft develops so many products, they offer a very wide range of certifications in regards to both topic and level. As these change over time, the best place to get the most up-to-date details is directly from Microsoft. Here is a brief overview of the certification areas offered:

  • Mobility: Show that you can manage secure mobility solutions for large companies
  • Cloud: Show that you can meet the growing need to develop SaaS solutions on Microsoft Azure
  • Productivity: Perfect for anyone looking to prove their expertise in deploying Microsoft Office cloud solutions to enterprise clients
  • Data: Recognizes the skills of those working to deliver, deploy, and support BI (Business Intelligence) projects
  • App Builder: Certify your ability to quickly develop and deliver quality software
  • Business: For those looking to verify their skills in Microsoft Dynamics technologies

For each of these certification areas, candidates can choose an expertise level and the specific technology they want to demonstrate expertise in. For the majority of these, you can get certified in the following levels:

  • MTA (Microsoft Technology Associate): Entry level certification for those looking to grasp the fundamentals of these technological concepts. Addresses a wide range of basic concepts
  • MCSA (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate): For those looking for entry-level IT jobs. The prerequisite for a number of more advanced certifications.
  • MCSE (Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert): Intended for IT professionals looking to prove their ability to build leading-edge solutions across assorted technologies

microsoft certification training

Prepare with Microsoft Certification Training

In order to pass the tests necessary to earn one of Microsoft's certifications, many candidates choose to enroll in a Microsoft certification training course in the topic they are looking to get certified in. You will find a selection of these training options above.

The benefit of taking a course over simply studying yourself, is that an expert training provider will know exactly what you need to pass the test. They will not only teach you the material that will be taught, but go over the style of the test so that you are fully prepared for all questions that may appear.

Many Microsoft certification training course providers are so confident in their courses that they even have a pass guarantee - if you don't pass the first time, they will pay for your second test. 

Maximize your time, and your chances of success by taking a Microsoft certification training course.

Other Training Options

Microsoft certifications not the thing for you? Luckily we have a number of other certification courses listed on Here are some similar categories that might work for you: