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Network+ Certification Training - Fast-Track Your Networking Career

What do a large corporation and a single family home have in common? They both have a network in place so that all of their devices can safely connect to the internet. Whether you want to help individuals set up their home networks or oversee a networks for giant corporations, CompTIA's network+ certification is a great way to get started.

Earning this vendor-neutral certification is, to many employers, concrete proof that you possess a strong knowledge base in networking and will often give you an advantage over candidates who have not earned a network certification.

Many candidates for this certification choose to take a Network+ certification course in order to gain all of the knowledge necessary to pass the exam.

What's so Special About the Network+ Certification?

Many networking certifications are backed by vendors of networking products, like Cisco or Microsoft. The Network+ certification from CompTIA is different in that it is vendor-neutral - meaning that it measures your overall networking abilities rather than your abilities with specific networking hardware or software.

Theoretically, this certification prepares you to work with any kind of networking set-up, opening up a wide range of opportunities. According to CompTIA, the Network+ certification is great for:

  • Junior Network Administrators
  • Computer Technicians
  • Network Field Technicians
  • Help Desk Technicians
  • Junior System Engineers
  • System Engineers
  • IS Consultants
  • Network Support Specialists
  • Network Field Engineers
  • Network Analysts

If you are in, or would like to be in one of these fields, then consider signing up for one of the Net+ certification training courses above.

Network+ Certification Requirements

While you should always check with CompTIA for the most up to date requirements for earning and maintaining this certification, here are some things you should know about becoming Net+ certified.

To be eligible for this certification, you must have previously earned the A+ certification. CompTIA also recommends that candidates have 9-12 months of networking experience.

The actual test that you must take (and pass with a high score) to pass this certification is frequently updated by CompTIA in order to ensure that it encompasses the most current skills that networking professionals need, such as the security methods.

Who Needs Network+ Certification Training?

In short, network+ training is for anyone who wants the highest possible chance of earning this certification in one try. This is because IT certification providers are experts at making sure that their students have all the skills necessary to succeed.

Network+ certification training is especially beneficial for IT professionals who may not have as much practical experience with networking, or those whose experience has been heavily focused in one area rather than a wide range of products and set-ups.

network+ certification training

What Will You Learn During Network+ Certification Training?

A Network+ certification training course will cover all of the topics and skills that you will need in order to succeed on the most recent version of the certification exam. You are likely to learn about:

  • Networking Concepts - Understand different networking concepts and know how to implement them appropriately
  • Infrastructure - Understand cabling, device and storage technologies and know what situations each are best suited to
  • Network Operations - Understand best practices for managing networks, and know how to determine policies to ensure business continuity
  • Network Security - Know how to secure wired and wireless networks against common attacks
  • Network Troubleshooting & Tools - Understand the methodologies for troubleshooting networks and know how to use appropriate tools to support connectivity and performance

Get in touch with Net+ certification training providers to find out more about their teaching methods and how they can help you ensure success!

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