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MCSA Training – Validate Your Microsoft Knowledge

Whether you are just starting out in your IT career or have already been working in this field, earning a certification is a great way to prove your abilities to current and future employees. Not only do they look on your resume, but training for your MSCA ensures that your knowledge of the topic you choose to pursue is up to date with Microsoft’s best practices.

Earning an MCSA is also an essential for anyone looking to earn higher level Microsoft certifications. Earning a MCSA will provide you with a great foundation of knowledge, and it is also likely a requirement before you can even think about earning top knowledge level certifications like MCSE.

Many candidates looking to become a Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate choose to enroll in MCSA training to prepare for the certification exam. When you choose a course from an authorized training provider, the test is often included as part of the course – meaning that you get certified in one step.

Choose your MCSA

Before you choose your MCSA training, you will have to decide which MCSA certification will be the most advantageous for you – and there are many to choose from. Because technology is always changing and advancing, the types of MSCA certifications available and the requirements to earn and keep them relevant changes often. Always check with Microsoft for the most up-to date information.

When choosing the MCSA that is best for you, start by considering your current skills and those skills most used in your job (or in the job you want). Are you working in a general IT position at a company? You might consider earning your MCSA in Windows 10 or Office 365. If you work with a database or servers, you also have many useful MCSA categories to choose from.

MCSA Training

After you have an idea of which MCSA you would like to earn, it's time to find the right MCSA training course! Luckily for you, there are many options to be found in the list above. Search through the list, or filter it by format, location, price, and more to isolate the best choice.

Types of MCSA Training

In general, MCSA training is delivered either online or in a classroom setting. Each of these options has their benefits, so which you choose will be wholly based on your individual circumstances.

Online MCSA Training

Online MCSA training courses are offered by many highly-regarded training suppliers. The majority of these are offered on-demand. This means that you will have access to course modules for a set period (usually around 12 months) and you can access them as much as you want in this time period. 

This is a great option for those who manage time well and are self-motivated. Online MCSA training is also a good choice for those who don't have time to travel for training or can't take the necessary few days off work. Online learning is convenient, and on your schedule.

Classroom MCSA Training

Classroom MCSA training takes place at a set time and location, and is led by an expert in-person. If you prefer in-person learning and want to get through training as quickly as possible, then classroom MCSA training is probably for you.

These courses generally take around 5 days of training to complete, and at the end you will be fully prepared for the necessary exams.

Related Training Areas

MSCA certification courses are not the best certification for everyone. If you are looking for another type of IT certification training, you can check out some of the categories below: