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Explore training in the "Garden State". Known as the "Garden State", New Jersey is home to some of the most famous politicians, musicians and inventors in the history of the US. Despite its small area, there is a lot of opportunity to grow and undergo professional training in New Jersey!
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About New Jersey 

New Jersey is one of the smallest states in terms of area in the United States, ranking as the 4th smallest overall. Despite its small size, New Jersey is also the 11th most populated state in the United States, making it the most densely populated state in the country. Additionally, New Jersey is mostly comprised of urban areas and cities, with 90% of residents residing in an urban area. The state is the only state in the nation to have every single state county classified as a metropolitan area. Due to the populated urban areas making up this state, there is a lot of opportunity to pursue a career in multiple fields. Consider enrolling in training in New Jersey and enhancing your resume with additional qualifications before applying for jobs. 

Industry and Sectors in New Jersey

New Jersey has a diversified economy, with successful industries ranging from finance to pharmaceuticals and agriculture to manufacturing. Top outputs from New Jersey include seafood, fruits and nuts, dairy products, and vegetables. The state also experiences wide success in the production of chemicals, and is the largest chemical producer in the United States. Additionally, the state is home to the largest seaport in the United States, located in Elizabeth, New Jersey.

Other industries that are prominent in New Jersey include healthcare, technology and financial services. If your interested in pursuing a career or advancing in one of these industries then training in New Jersey is the way to go. 

Business in New Jersey

New Jersey is quite prominent in the finance industry, with many top financial institutes having their headquarters in the state. This can be attributed to New Jersey’s close proximity to New York, the Finance Capital of the World, and the largest financial institution in the world, Wall Street. The finance sector in the state of New Jersey is comprised of almost 20% of the state’s top employers, and these institutions employ more than a quarter of a million residents.

The state of New Jersey is home to 24 companies listed in the Fortune 500. Of these companies include Johnson & Johnson, Bed Bath & Beyond, Campbell Soup, and Toys “R” Us. These successful companies are leading the way for others to succeed as well. Training in New Jersey can give you the extra qualifications to get a job and work your way up in one of these companies faster.

Training Formats in New Jersey 

Among the many courses that are available in New Jersey, most of them are offered as either a traditional classroom course or an in-house course. Classroom courses are a better option for individuals who are interested in learning a new skill or gaining a new qualification for their personal benefit. In-house training on the other hand is a better option for organizations who want to train multiple employees because instead of sending them out to another location, the training will come directly to you and the provider will format the training to match your company's individual needs. 

New Jersey is also known for having a highly advanced transportation system, making it an easy location to get to if you are not a resident. Consider searching for courses that offer training in New Jersey and gaining the qualifications needed to achieve your personal and professional goals.