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Frequently asked questions

  • Conflict resolution is the process of addressing and resolving disputes between individuals or groups, aiming to find a mutually acceptable solution while maintaining positive relationships. It involves effective communication, empathy, negotiation, and problem-solving skills.

  • In a conflict resolution class, you can expect to learn strategies for identifying the underlying causes of conflicts, understanding different conflict styles, and managing emotions during disputes. The class will teach techniques for effective communication, active listening, and negotiation to reach collaborative resolutions.

  • Conflict management training is beneficial for individuals in various roles, such as managers, team leaders, HR professionals, customer service representatives, and anyone who regularly interacts with others in personal or professional settings.

  • What are some key conflict resolution skills?

    Key conflict resolution skills:

    • Active listening: Listening and understanding another's perspective.
    • Effective communication: Respectfully expressing thoughts and feelings
    • Emotional intelligence: Recognizing, managing, and responding to emotions.
    • Problem-solving: Identifying solutions to conflict causes.
    • Negotiation: Working to reach an acceptable outcome.
  • Workplace conflict resolution training teaches employees and teams the fundamentals of resolving conflicts, including strategies to prevent, manage, and resolve disputes. It highlights the negative effects of unresolved conflict, such as work disruptions, decreased productivity, and emotional stress, and provides techniques to address these issues effectively.

  • Conflict resolution training boosts team outcomes by developing better solutions, improving problem-solving, fostering healthier employee relationships, and enhancing productivity. It equips individuals and teams with skills to handle conflicts constructively, contributing to a positive work environment and organizational culture.

  • Conflict resolution training is available as in-person classroom training, on-site training, and online. Classroom courses include live lectures, group discussions, and networking opportunities, on-site training suits companies training multiple employees simultaneously, and online courses offer flexibility for individuals with busy schedules.

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