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What is Workplace Conflict Resolution Training? 

Every organization and team will experience internal conflict-- it is unavoidable. The important thing is to make sure that you and your employees know how to handle conflict within a team when these issues occur.

Conflict resolution training teaches employees and teams the fundamentals of the conflict resolution process and coaches effective strategies to prevent, manage, and resolve disputes.

The training helps employees to consider the negative effects of unresolved conflict at work-- like work disruptions, decreased productivity, failed projects,  turnover, and emotional stress. Training also helps employees grasp the repercussions of those negative effects so they can immediately understand the importance of resolving the conflict. Conflict resolution training also helps managers and employees identify the most common causes of conflict within their teams and provides techniques for managing conflict. 

Benefits of Conflict Resolution Training

By participating in a conflict management training course, you and your team can learn how to handle conflict in and out of the workplace. Being aware of why conflict occurs and knowing how to resolve it or even how to help others diffuse conflict are vital skills to have and contribute to a positive employee experience.

Well-managed conflict has proven to boost team overall outcomes with outcomes like: 

  • development of better solutions,
  • improvement of problem-solving,
  • healthier employee relationships, and
  • improved productivity.

Conflict resolution training courses focus on helping individuals, managers, teams, and organizations learn the skills needed to successfully handle conflict so that it fails to become an obstacle to successful team dynamics and organizational culture.

Conflict Management Training Courses

Every situation is different, meaning there is no one right way to manage conflict. The manner in which conflict is addressed in the workplace is dependent on a number of factors. Whether it's the degree of assertiveness or the openness to cooperation by the team or individual, there are a number of factors to be considered before choosing a course of action.

How Does Training Improve Conflict Resolution?

Understanding different styles in terms of each's strengths and weaknesses can better prepare managers and individuals to develop the appropriate response.

Conflict resolution training courses help individuals learn the skills needed to effectively identify, mediate and resolve conflict while accounting for all of the different factors at play.

In the courses listed above, participants focus on learning the following conflict resolution skills:

  • Recognizing different types of conflict 
  • Managing complaints
  • Dealing with difficult people
  • Diffusing conflict
  • Managing conflict in the workplace
  • Crisis handling
  • Creative problem solving 
  • Negotiation and conflict 
  • Leading through conflict
  • Conflict resolution/mediation

Many training providers that offer conflict resolution training focus on helping participants understand their own conflict styles, as well as others', and outline clear steps on how to handle hostile situations.

conflict resolution training

Conflict Resolution Training Formats

There are a variety of course formats available for conflict management training. Those searching for training can find traditional classroom courses, on-site training, and even online courses.

Classroom courses and seminars are a great option for individuals who like participating in live lectures and group discussions. If you are looking for training as an individual, a classroom course may be the best option for you. Benefit from a live lecture from an expert, and connect and share stories with your peers.

On-site group training courses are the best option for companies who want to build the conflict resolution skills of multiple employees at one time. For example, you may want all managers at your company to have some conflict resolution training. An on-site provider will come to you and deliver a course that is highly relevant to the issues that might be occurring at your workplace.

Online courses are popular for individuals who need to build their conflict management skills, but have a busy schedule. The online format enables individuals to participate in and review course material when it best suits their schedule. Many can also benefit from live virtual classroom setups to take advantage of classroom advantages with online convenience.

Frequently asked questions

  • Conflict resolution is the process of addressing and resolving disputes between individuals or groups, aiming to find a mutually acceptable solution while maintaining positive relationships. It involves effective communication, empathy, negotiation, and problem-solving skills.

  • In a conflict resolution class, you can expect to learn strategies for identifying the underlying causes of conflicts, understanding different conflict styles, and managing emotions during disputes. The class will teach techniques for effective communication, active listening, and negotiation to reach collaborative resolutions.

  • Conflict management training is beneficial for individuals in various roles, such as managers, team leaders, HR professionals, customer service representatives, and anyone who regularly interacts with others in personal or professional settings.

  • What are some key conflict resolution skills?

    Key conflict resolution skills:

    • Active listening: Listening and understanding another's perspective.
    • Effective communication: Respectfully expressing thoughts and feelings
    • Emotional intelligence: Recognizing, managing, and responding to emotions.
    • Problem-solving: Identifying solutions to conflict causes.
    • Negotiation: Working to reach an acceptable outcome.
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