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Oil and Gas Industry

As one of the fastest developing industries in the US, the energy sector brings growing revenues to the economy and attracts a great number of investors. Achieving objectives and being successful in this highly competitive arena requires professional development and education. Oil and gas training courses allow professionals to stay updated with the latest trends in this constantly changing and evolving industry.

Oil and Gas Training Courses

Not all training programs in the oil and gas industry fall neatly into the industry stream sections. Industry considerations play an important role in all business activities. Managers require leadership and conflict resolution skills that are readily applicable to the oil and gas industry. IT personnel need to stay up to date on oil and gas related coding, software, and hardware. Our training providers offer a broad range of professional development courses for departments functioning within the oil and gas industry. Consult the sub-sections to find the course that best suits your needs. 

Oil and Gas Training for Different Sectors

The three major components in the oil and gas sector are the upstream, the midstream, and the downstream. Oil and gas training programs in the upstream sector deal with all activities leading up to and including the operation of wells bringing crude oil and natural gas to the surface. This includes exploration, drilling, economics, production, and OPEC.

Often combined with the downstream component, midstream operations describe the transportation of crude or refined products. Professional training related to this sector cover a multitude of highly specific skills, usually regarding specific technologies related to pipelines, pumps, and artificial lift systems to name a few. Several critical links in the supply chain are also represented in this field.

The downstream sector represents the final phase of development before the petroleum product touches consumers, usually in the form of gasoline. Training in this area covers a range of subjects related to oil refining processes, such as hydro sulfurization and product development of everything from jet fuel to asphalt. .

Offshore Oil and Gas Training Courses

Offshore oil & gas operations come with their own set of complications and considerations. Whether working on-shore providing support, in a managerial role, or as technical or operations personnel there are plenty of opportunities for professional development ranging from regulatory compliance to skills-based best practice. Training providers in this field are constantly developing new programs based on technological advancement, HSE updates, and industry specific managerial skills. Search for "offshore" above and find a selection of courses specific to oil & gas maritime activities.

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