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Offshore Oil and Gas 

To satisfy the world’s insatiable demand for energy, oil and gas industries continue to expand as the main source of energy remains fossil fuel. Petroleum resources are available both onshore and offshore. The use of technology in the extraction of these resources is vital and offshore oil and gas production training courses are gaining popularity as about 30 percent of today’s oil and gas comes from offshore production.

Offshore Oil and Gas Training Course Content

The length and content of offshore oil and gas courses vary depending on participants’ needs and specializations. The offshore oil and gas courses involve practical exposure and detailed case studies which will enhance participants’ understanding of the sector. Participants will explore topics including:

  •         Introduction - Offshore Oil and Gas production
  •         Exploration, Surveying and Extraction
  •         Field Assessment and Strategic Planning
  •         Project development and administration
  •         Management of Offshore Operations
  •         Technologies involved in export
  •         Safety Issues: Environment, Supply Bases and Contracts

Opportunities for Professionals

The energy sector is constantly evolving and professionals with offshore oil and gas courses enjoy a high demand in this industry. The offshore drilling companies are expanding their business as onshore oil reserves are diminishing day by day. Professionals with backgrounds in energy resources, reserves, drilling, and engineering can opt for these specialized courses and stand out from the crowd as individuals with better credentials and certifications are offered higher pay packages and positions. Companies and organizations worldwide acknowledge the expertise of offshore oil and gas training courses and certifications from accredited institutions are highly valued as they indicate professionals’ skills and knowledge.