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Reservoir Engineering Training

Professionals with reservoir engineering training are able to perform critical roles in field preparation plans including formulating cost-effective reservoir depletion methods to enhance oil or gas recovery by minimizing water flooding and other related issues. Reservoir engineering training courses are offered by traditional engineering and technological colleges and universities as well as by training providers.

Reservoir Engineering Training Contents

The reservoir engineering training courses on offer cover the core topics of reservoir engineering and equip participants with a solid foundation for further studies in the discipline. Reservoir engineering training includes numerous engineering topics such as fluid and rock properties, subsurface geology, applied mathematics, and basic laws of physics and chemistry. Participants are also provided with the tools needed to succeed in field development planning. Courses focus on the use of Microsoft Excel to perform calculations and produce graphs since software skills is a key competency for reservoir engineering professionals.

Reservoir engineering is a multidisciplinary field and people from civil, environmental, chemical, petroleum, and mechanical engineering can opt for this specialized course. The reservoir engineering training course contents are customized to cater to the needs of the participants and focus on the importance of team effort with the supporting technologies from different areas. Participants taking reservoir engineering training courses are provided with the opportunity to interact and engage with industry peers and build their network.

Job Opportunities for Professionals in Reservoir Engineering

Professionals holding a degree or certificate in reservoir engineering have a world of opportunities open to them. Energy businesses are expanding to meet the growing need of fossil fuels and the unending demand for energy. Professionals aspiring to have a career in the petroleum industry can opt for certificates, diplomas, and short courses in reservoir engineering to enhance career prospects. Professionals with reservoir engineer training can calculate and forecast accurate reserve estimates which gives companies a huge advantage in terms of planning and financial reporting. Valid certifications and credentials ensure employers of candidates’ ability to carry out numerical reservoir modeling, well testing, economic modelling, and analysis of reservoir fluids.

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