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Oil and Gas in Texas

Texas has been synonymous with energy since the discovery of "Spindletop Hill" in the late 1900's. Today, Texas serves as a veritable industry headquarters for exploration and development (E&P), and downstream operations for the oil and gas industry. The state has more fossil fuel reserves than any other in the US, with over 20 of the country’s top 100 oil fields located here. This makes Texas the ideal place for professional development, not just for those lucky enough to be involved in the industry in Texas, but for petroleum professionals from around the world. Search from a variety of oil and gas training in Texas locations and find the training option that best fits your needs.

Types of Oil and Gas Training in Texas

As one of the fastest developing industries in the US, the energy sector brings growing revenues to the economy and attracts a great number of investors. Achieving objectives and being successful in this highly competitive arena requires an aggressive approach to professional development and education. Ensure that your skills are constantly changing and developing. Oil and gas training in Texas for professionals cover a number of different disciplines and industry sectors, including:

  • Offshore
  • Operations and Maintenance
  • Drilling and Wells
  • Supply Chain
  • Unconventional Oil and Gas
  • Mechanical
  • Pipelines

West Texas Oil – The Permian Basin

As more and more oil production becomes domestic, Texas is beginning to play an even larger role in oil and gas exploration and production than before.  Part of the mid-continental oil producing area, the Permian Basin spreads across much of central Texas and into New Mexico. New technologies and unconventional oil are greatly increasing the output from this already prodigious oil and gas site in West Texas. Take advantage of the oil boom in this part of the state and search for oil and gas training in this area of Texas.

Oil Refineries in Texas

Not only a hugely important state in terms of exploration and production, Texas is also home to over 25 oil refineries, eight of which are ranked in the top 20 oil refineries in the country in terms of overall production. For most refinery professionals in Texas, Houston is very likely home-base. Known world-wide as the center of oil and gas, Houston represents the largest collection of refining operations in the US. Offshore oil and gas operations in the gulf coast of Houston bring a range of additional complications and considerations. Oil and gas training suppliers in Houston are regularly developing new programs based on technological advancement, OSHA and international safety compliance updates, and industry specific managerial skills. Filter your search for oil and gas training in Texas by city and keyword to find more specific results.

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