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A PMI-ACP training will give you a head start in project management positions. Show you can adapt by aligning yourself with Agile principles. Browse PMI-ACP courses below, validate your training and become a certified agile practitioner. See online options
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What is the PMI?

PMI, the Project Management Institute, is the world’s leading project management organization. With over 500,000 global members, a certification from this organization will indicate you take your career seriously and will help you stand out from the crowd with any employer and company. The PMI offers a number of certifications for project managers at all levels.

What is PMI-ACP Training?

The PMI-ACP® certification is a way of proving your ability as a project manager to lead and manage using the guiding practices of Agile.

Agile is a set of values and principles that help unite a team or a business in a revolutionary way. Its principles favor a client-based, iterative approach to working, centering around the values of collaboration, transparency and reflection. One of the core benefits of Agile is that it uses an adaptive approach, and therefore it should be able to adjust to, and suit, any organization by simply providing an environment that helps groups to make better decisions. Agile companies might be described as ever-changing, flexible organisms that constantly refine their decisions based on customer needs and feedback between all members of a company working together.  

By completing the The Project Management Institute’s Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP) certification, you will be able to stand out among your peers and show you are ready and able to lead in this new age of product development, management and delivery. Complete one of our PMI-ACP certification training courses to refresh your skills and get ready to pass the exam with flying colors!

In most PMI-ACP Certification training courses, you will be covering a mix of the following objectives:

Agile Tools, Skills and Domains:

  • The Tools and Techniques and Knowledge and Skills areas to pass the exam
  • The Tasks of Agile Principles and Mindset
  • The Tasks of Value-driven Delivery
  • The Tasks of Stakeholder Engagement
  • The Tasks of Team Performance

Agile Methodologies and Processes:

  • The foundation of Agile, the Agile Manifesto and Principles
  • Scrum roles, meetings, tools, techniques and artifacts
  • XP (eXtreme Programming) roles and practices
  • Comparing Scrum and XP roles and practices
  • Lean development practices in Agile Project Management

Who is PMI-ACP Certification Training for?

Some PMI-ACP Certification training courses train people considering the use of Agile for software development, such as analysts, developers and programmers. Others are more open to any individuals or organizations who use Agile practices or who want to introduce Agile principles to their company culture. Check course descriptions carefully before applying as some courses have very specific prerequisites.

PMI-ACP Certification Training Outcomes

PMI-ACP certification training outcomes vary so check carefully before applying. For example, upon successful completion on some courses, participants will receive 21 PDU (professional development units) /contact hours toward the PMI-ACP certification. There are also courses that just provide exam training and practice.

Formats of PMI-ACP Training

Classroom learning

If you enjoy learning in a group environment, working personally with an instructor and classmates, then a classroom training option is perfect for you. Course lengths vary so check which one suits you best.

Online webinar

If you are short on travel time, online learning may be just the right option. Live webinars help you to learn the material needed to acquire the PMI-ACP certification all from the comfort of your own home or office.  

On-site training

Perhaps you want to spread the benefits of PMI-ACP to more of your company. Why not book in an instructor to visit you on-site and get everyone up to speed and ready to pass the exam!

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