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More About Minneapolis

Minneapolis has a highly diversified economy home to service providers, manufacturing corporations, and other businesses. Among the giant economic sectors are finance, manufacturing, real estate, health care, insurance, and education. Some other flourishing economic sectors are chemical and agricultural products manufacturing, IT and automotive parts manufacturing.

Some renowned corporations headquartered in Minneapolis include Target, U.S. Bancorp, Xcel Energy, Ameriprise Financial, and Thrivent Financial. Foreign companies including Accenture and Voya Financial operate their US offices in Minneapolis. Beyond the economy, Minneapolis is a city with immense love and passion for the arts, cultures and music. The city maintains a good balance of sophisticated corporate culture, nature, and the arts.

Professional Training in Minneapolis

Professional training providers who offer courses in Minneapolis provide a number of different subjects and concentrations. 

Finance and accounting training courses are popular due to the economy which is dominated by the corporate and finance sector. Many professionals choose to attend short term diplomas to enhance or update their knowledge in areas that can be directly applied to their professional lives. Some common finance courses offered in Minneapolis are:

  • Quantitative and Computational Finance
  • Financial Engineering
  • Corporate Finance
  • Managerial Accounting

Engineering training in a number of subjects including mechanical, electrical, telecommunications and structural can also be found in Minneapolis. IT training is, in particular, becoming very popular due to the technological revolution in the recent decades. Common IT training programs include software development, apps development, and programming.

Training in Minneapolis: Course Formats

Many of the classroom courses available in Minneapolis are short in duration and range from one to two days. Prices vary significantly based on the subject and training provider. If you have a price range in mind, you can filter the list by price. These classroom training courses are scheduled ahead of time at a fixed location. This format is generally preferred by individuals seeking training of their own accord or companies who want to send just one of two employees to a course.

A great option for companies who have a number of employees needing training is in-house training. Filter the course list by "On-site / Company-specific" to see the list of trainers that is willing to travel to Minneapolis to train employees. Due to it's central location, any on-site trainer should be happy to travel there. 

Benefits of Training in Minneapolis

If you are looking to travel for training, Minneapolis is not a bad option! As already mentioned, the wide range of courses available there ensures that you will find the right course at the right time. Because many of these are short, it means that you don't need to be away from the office long to acquire some useful new knowledge.

Finally, you can enjoy some of the prevalent culture and arts that Minneapolis has to offer and network with other professionals in the city.