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About Louisiana

Louisiana is a southern state that is well known for its diverse and multicultural cities, hot and humid climate, unique culinary dishes, and more. Many tourists are drawn to Louisiana every year for the famous Mardi Gras celebration that consists of music, dancing, costumes and beads. Louisiana is also known for its iconic jazz bands and crayfish parties. 

Louisiana is the home to major cities including the Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Shreveport, and a few others that are the home to leading industries and businesses. Even though New Orleans is often known for their fun and lively lifestyle, there are also many opportunities to grow professionally. Look for training in Louisiana and enjoy the party while advancing in your career. 

Training in Louisiana

Louisiana is home to a number of Fortune 500 companies, along with other successful industries operating in some of the state’s major cities. Whether you live in the state’s capital Baton Rouge, colorful New Orleans or the future-forward Shreveport, there are opportunities for professional training in Louisiana for every business professional.

Along with courses in professional skills such as management, leadership, and business analysis, many Louisiana located providers also offer a range of soft skills. Those interested in growing their resume can gain communication and negotiation skills that are valuable for a wide range of industries. Consider a course in customer service and get involved in the tourism industry in New Orleans. If the course you need is not physically located in Louisiana try searching through the e-learning options listed above.

Port Industry in Louisiana

Due to Louisiana's Location, right at the start of the Mississippi River on the Gulf of Mexico, it has one of the worlds busiest port systems and is one of the biggest trading states. Louisiana benefits from several significant ports, including the Port of South Louisiana. Located on the Mississippi and extending between two major cities, the Port of South Louisiana represents a hugely important part of shipping and trade throughout both the South and the rest of the continental United States. Many US agricultural and industrial exports also move through this port, along with petroleum and grain. Find training in Louisiana in logistics and transport and gain the skills necessary to work as part of one of the Ports in Louisiana in fields like transporting, warehousing and storage.

Oil and Gas on the Gulf Coast of Louisiana

Sharing borders with both Texas and the Gulf Coast, Louisiana is in prime geographic location for oil and gas professionals. The state has a long history of oil and gas production. And while the industry has changed greatly in recent years, partly resulting from the ever diminishing reserves of conventional oil and gas, Louisiana has none the less maintained an important role. With several large production and refining operations located along the gulf coast, Louisiana is the ideal place to learn from current working professionals in the offshore and midstream sectors. Search for training in Louisiana and start building up your skills to work in the oil and gas industry. 

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