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Case studies within Multimedia

Multimedia vs. Graphic Design

Often grouped with graphic design, multimedia training courses are essentially a form of visual communication, using a combination of multiple images to create a message. The difference between multimedia and graphic design lies within the message, not the technique. Graphic design is intended to create a clear and functional message and thus forms part of the more general definition of multimedia.

Multimedia training courses are less concerned with the purposes, whether commercial or artistic, and more with instructing the given skill. These courses are often geared at training professionals on how to perfect visual techniques for commercial results. Many courses in audio, video and photography will also prepare individuals for creating artistic works. No matter what your visual communication needs, you’ll find the multimedia training you’re looking for here. Search within the above results to find a learning solution more in focus with your specific needs.

Multimedia Training: Video

Working with video as a professional requires a highly diverse skill set. Video courses under multimedia training can generally be described as video editing software guidance, tools and techniques for getting the most out of professional video equipment, and methodologies for using and embedding various kinds of video for various purposes. Similar to other industries that depend greatly on technology, professional video production and editing requires not just the latest equipment, but a firm grasp of the latest in best practice. As new technological capacities are developed professionals must learn a wider range of functionalities. Beginner multimedia training for DSLR camera skills, for example, instruct learners how to:

  • control aperture
  • navigate menus
  • use the light meter
  • set up the camera for video

Multimedia Training: Animation

Animation, at its root, is nothing new. It is the creation of motion through the combination of a great number of individual images, or frames. The industry has seen major changes over the last twenty, ten, even five years. As such, relevant skills for working as an animation professional are constantly in need.  Search the above multimedia training courses for providers offering training programs and short courses in:

  • Computer animation skills
  • Flash animation skills
  • Animation Software

Multimedia Training: Photography

Multimedia training in photography spans a great number of individual skills sets and technical capacities. There’s always something new to be learned in photography. Whether looking to gain skills in equipment use, lighting techniques, aperture, or editing software, there are multimedia training courses available for participants. Find courses in:

  • Travel photography
  • Studio photography
  • Lighting and flash
  • Photoshop

Multimedia Training: Audio

Whether just starting out in the music business as an audio technician, music enthusiast, or attempting to get a local band off the ground, audio training courses can give multimedia training participants the skills needed to be heard in a very competitive industry. Audio training is often quite specialized, guiding learners through specific concepts like acoustics, commercial applications like creating a soundtrack or music marketing strategies and choosing the right platform for audio creation. Browse through the list of multimedia courses and requests information to learn more.