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What is Design?

There are many functions and professions that rest under the term design. Broadly speaking, design is the act of creating something new through a process of planning and developing. The design process can differ greatly depending on the project that is being created or the industry that it is in. The different aspects of design include but are not limited to interior design, industrial design, graphic design, presentation design and much more.

Due to this, this is a wide variety of pathways that creative individuals can choose to pursue in the field of design. Consider looking into the many design training courses listed above and to find the best one that suits your ambitions. 

Design Training

No matter what your interest or experience level is, there is a design training course available that is right for you. Design courses are often focused on specific topics such as IT web design, graphic design, presentation design, mobile design, interior design, industrial design and more. These courses usually cover how to build and design for the specific function, including the process from start to end. Many courses require participants to have some prior knowledge or experience in order to enroll.

However there are also a number of courses available for beginners. A couple examples of introductory courses include Introduction to Graphic Design, Introduction to the Design of Everyday Things and Intro to Design Thinking. These courses cover the basics of design and normally introduce participants to the key elements of the topics they are interested in, including techniques, tools and ideas. 

Some of the design training courses available include: 

  • Innovation and Design Tools
  • Interior Design and Decoration
  • Fashion Design
  • Design Research Techniques
  • User Experience Design Circuit
  • Graphic Design & Desktop Publishing
  • Essentials of Design Thinking

Design Training Formats

Design training is offered in a variety of formats. Individuals can find design training as an in-house course, traditional classroom course, or in an online format. In-house training is the most used option for companies and organizations who want to train multiple people at one time. If you want to train your employees on a new design software or design approach then hiring an in-house trainer who will come directly to your location would be the best option. 

Traditional classroom courses are a great choice for individuals who are looking for hands-on experience from an expert instructor. This option is one of the best training formats for design because students benefit from group collaboration. 

With the continuous rise of technology, online design training is becoming one of the most widely used methods. With online training, participants have the flexibility to learn and review course material when it best suits them and in any location. Browse through the online courses that are listed above. 

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