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Hello, Ciao, Hej, Guten tag, Shalom, Hola, Chào ahn!

Learning a new language is truly a boundary expanding undertaking. Whether for business of simply for fun or personal development, learning a language allows a new point of view of the world around us. It creates an openness to new cultures, as well as providing the opportunity to share your own cultural experiences. 

The benefits of learning a new language are many

Taking language courses comes with wonderful benefits, some of the most significant being:

  • To improve business communication with clients across the world by taking business language courses. Globalization has seen businesses traverse borders, cultures and all manner of barriers. Whether expanding into a new market or supporting key-client relationships, learning a language can create impressive professional bonds. While English is the predominant language for international business, learning the basics of an important client’s language can go a long way in fostering understanding and creating a cooperative environment.
  • To travel! An understandable passion of many people as it enriches our knowledge of the world around us and feeds the mind and soul. Get out of your comfort zone in a language so you can be more comfortable on your vacations. Picking up the basics of a language for travel purposes is not as hard as it may seem. Taking a basic language course before traveling could significantly enhance your globetrotting experience.
  • To keep the mind sharp while acquiring a useful skill. University studies are regularly conducted on the positive effects that learning a second or third language can have on mental health and the the brain. Having a second language has shown to build multitasking and prioritizing abilities. Research also suggests that being bilingual may even delay the onset of Alzheimer’s in adults.

Communicate with friends and family

Language courses enable us to build and maintain connections with friends and families across the world. Think about social media and being able to extend your networks into other countries and following what is current and topical in those regions. You will get perspectives and ideas that would have been impossible without a basic knowledge of the local language. 

See a new part of the world

Many language courses are designed specifically with travelers in mind, building on practical skills for communicating in a different country, such as shopping, asking for directions, and eating out at restaurants. Consider a basic course to practice conversational language. These are ideal for the holidaymaker who requires a basic knowledge of the language to get around town and to explore hassle-free.